This generally means sex after a long day or length of time with someone.
In Resident Evil 4, Ashley asked Leon if he wanted some "overtime."
by THE TOAD January 20, 2007
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when you're having sex and u cum, but u just keep on fuckin anyway.
usually because the girl you're bangin is so hot that u don't lose your erection.
yo that broad i hit last night was so fuckin sexy, after i came i just kept on smashin that pussy - straight into overtime.

damn, boy! respect.
by powersurge2011 February 18, 2011
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another word for the after party.
overtime comes before "postgaming" seeing as the "game" is still in progress.the "game" being the party..

Guy1:What are you gonna do now?
Guy2:Were all heading to the hotel room to put this game into overtime.
Guy3: By the time we went into overtime I had already gotten nana from two different females
by MGCAMS May 1, 2008
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when you poop and wipe then get of the pot and realize that you have to poop again.
i just had overtime and the toilets overfilled
by austin russer November 21, 2007
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When ur playing with a girls boobies, and she says to stop, but u keep doping it anyway
i was playing with joanies tits while she was on the phone when she told me to stop, right there is when i knew this game was goin into overtime.
by turd burgeler April 7, 2008
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when your on a first date or a blind date with a girl and you dont intend on taking it any further than that night and you end up having sex with her that night
"so how did your date go whith amy last night?"
"oh pretty good i guess."
"so did you go into overtime?"
by The Rye Guy April 23, 2008
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While fucking some broad in a drunken stupor, you can't seem to "end the game" due to the massive amounts of alcohol that you consumed
by fe August 1, 2003
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