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This generally means sex after a long day or length of time with someone.
In Resident Evil 4, Ashley asked Leon if he wanted some "overtime."
by THE TOAD January 20, 2007
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when you're having sex and u cum, but u just keep on fuckin anyway.
usually because the girl you're bangin is so hot that u don't lose your erection.
yo that broad i hit last night was so fuckin sexy, after i came i just kept on smashin that pussy - straight into overtime.

damn, boy! respect.
by powersurge2011 February 18, 2011
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another word for the after party.
overtime comes before "postgaming" seeing as the "game" is still in progress.the "game" being the party..

Guy1:What are you gonna do now?
Guy2:Were all heading to the hotel room to put this game into overtime.
Guy3: By the time we went into overtime I had already gotten nana from two different females
by MGCAMS May 01, 2008
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when you poop and wipe then get of the pot and realize that you have to poop again.
i just had overtime and the toilets overfilled
by austin russer November 20, 2007
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Nickname given to a girl that one of your buddies is putting in extra work to try and hookup with.
Bro 1 - "Dude, check out Thad over there in the corner with Overtime."

Bro 2 - "Yeah man, he's spent like three hours already tonight trying to get in those jeans. He's a hard worker."
by Ernecio January 09, 2011
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When ur playing with a girls boobies, and she says to stop, but u keep doping it anyway
i was playing with joanies tits while she was on the phone when she told me to stop, right there is when i knew this game was goin into overtime.
by turd burgeler April 07, 2008
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