the time i finally go to sleep after waking up at 1am and watching youtube videos all night
guess ill go to sleep now wait are those birds chirping outside? oh no.. its 5am
by platypussy_licker May 3, 2019
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When someone stays up all night drinking and carousing, only to transform into an alternate personality after a certain time or quantity of alcohol. After the transformation, this person acts significantly out-of-character and may frighten or confuse those around them. May include significant re-enactment of television or movie characters or spontaneous eruptions into song - both hair metal and show tunes.
Bro, he went to the city and stayed out all night. Dude went 5AM Vince on the crew!

Dayyumm! She went ALL 5AM Vince on his ass!
by Desmodromic December 9, 2012
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Risk taken under the influence of alcohol very late at night, often during sleepovers, sofa crashes and slumber parties: while feeling reckless and uninhibited, the gambler will make a pass at someone either completely unavailable or way out of their league. The gambler will usually not be successful in their enterprise.
'I took a 5am Gamble last night. Still woke up with my clothes on though.'
by Jalfred Peacock November 20, 2009
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when someone cups a male's balls and shakes them to provoke annoyance or irritation.
Maybe because she just gave me a 5AM Alarm!
by jsykyourstupid August 31, 2010
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a typical 5am alpha is an alternative name for the supporters of 5am and a loyal raine fan. a supporter of 5am is someone who believes it is always 5am. obviously.
it is always 5am therefor everyone should be a 5amer right? but no. unfortunately, there are 5am antis. these are brainwashed people who just want to be quirky.
"Whats the time, Amy?"
"It's 5am!"
"Alpha moment ❤"

"Its 8pm."
"Yeah, of cource YOU'RE AN ANTI, kat."
"whatever, you stupid '5am Alpha'"
by kenmakozumebrainrot December 26, 2022
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When you’re drunk in the shower, it’s too late, and you don’t know which shampoo to use.
by Skulker September 6, 2020
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when ur studying for the International Baccalaureate and u feel like u cant remember shit, u wait for the 5am pont that will be posted on reddit.
Maria: have you studied for the International Baccalaureate that takes place tomorrow at 8 am?
Alex: lmao no I'm waiting for the 5am pont to be posted on reddit.
by denisucx June 26, 2021
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