A word to describe a women who draws a man into her grasp by pleasing the victims biggest desire only to destroy all that makes him what he is.
"Dude, stay away from her. That harpy will own you"
by Faux Vie August 10, 2007
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A woman with an unbearable, shrewish, pain in the ass nature. In other words, a bitch or a harridan, especially a somewhat unappealing one.
Ann Coulter has a new book? How can people stand that harpy, much less read her book?!
by Lorelili January 6, 2009
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1:Can be used to describe an undesirable woman. this is used commonly with people who are dimmer than most.
2:A harpy, in and of itself, was said to have been a mythical creature who was a cross between a woman and a vulture. Variations include the head of a woman and the body of a vulture, or the head of a vulture and the body of a woman. Most of the time, though, harpys are simply described as an extremely unattractive woman with large wings for arms and a beak-like nose and mouth
1: "damn, that ho, she's a harpy anyway."
2: "The harpies are quite interesting. Half vulture, half woman? Unrealistic, but then again, quite intriguing all the same."
by cat June 22, 2004
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Best friend or besty of a women you are romantically involved with. Sole occupation to plant seeds of discord in your otherwise healthy relationship in the form of statements about your performance as a companion or questions phrased in such a manner to make you seem like a putrid pile of crap.
I thought things were going great with my girlfriend but that harpy made her think that my lack of dancing coordination would seriously jeopardize the well being of any children we have. Wtf?
by mintyfreshj July 18, 2011
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a slutty chic that resembles a half bird half woman creature with harpies
dude no that harpy will destroy your penis in one night... why else do you think she dumps every guy after one night?
by Razorack February 28, 2016
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Savage, monstrous wimged females. Flock together to attack unwary males on internet talkboards.
The Guardian Newspaper (London) talkboards are the natural habitat of of these foul creatures.
by L4 January 3, 2005
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What you call girls that gang up on a guy.
Boy: Did those harpies chase after you last night?
Other Boy: Yeah, it was horrible! I couldn't get that lipstick off me!
by Kat_1988 October 22, 2007
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