A person, business, corporation or political body who/whichpreys on the misfortune of others. These people/businesses/political parties often present themselves as charismatic, and commence engineering involvement with people, businesses, communities or nations at the early signs of their downfall.
The most obvious examples are:

* In laws (spouses or children) who suddenly become interested in there extended families affairs when it looks like death and inheritance is looming.
"They're inheritance vultures".
* Relatively desperate men or women who act as a support when they notice a relationship is on the rocks. They tend to offer biased support with hope of gaining a partner, mostly due to their lack of character, beauty or charm.
"He's a vulture, after his mates girlfriend cause he can't find his own".
* Loan sharks of all descriptions, but especially those who hang around Casinos with semi-Legitimate legal deeds/documents for extremely undervalued loans of cash for or houses, cars, jewelery etc...
"If you go to the casino, avoid the vultures in the car park, they'll take you for everything you own".
* Scammers,spammers and con-artists targeting middle class to poorer individuals. Combined internet/mobile messaging ones are the most recent mutation of these mutants.
"Social networking individuals fall victim to vulture scammers/spammers in hope of meeting someone (special?)"
* Unethical businesses/business people/government bodies who watch and often encourage the collapse of businesses for personal benefit.
"That corporation is being a vulture, they are fraudulently or unethically undermining their competitors business efforts pure greed, not survival"
* Corporations/Political bodies/ Governments who exploit developing nations poverty and misery.
"It is apparent that 'x' country has used supposed political concern and intervention in 'y' countries internal affairs in order to gain control for purposes of power, economic greed and domination".
by 13th hero March 22, 2008
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a guy who would woo a vulnerable girl who just came from a bad relationship or had a bad break up.
Albert just vultured Karen!
You are such a vulture! You know she just broke up with John.
by onebigjesus! March 23, 2008
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(verb) to actively wait until a relationship ends, and then swoop in and attempt to establish one's own relationship.

However, no sabotage is done, as in a vulture circling above an animal (the relationship) dying in the desert. Vultures are scavengers, and let the relationship fall apart naturally so they don't feel guilty (although guilt may be present regardless.)
"You've really got some nerve to vulture us like that, George!"

"But Jenny!"
by BTBAM14 January 26, 2008
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A friend who would have sex with your gf/bf or spouse. A friend who would would get your date your ex knowing that you still love them
That kid is a vulture, im gonna punch him right in the face
by random person March 14, 2005
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one who takes the leftover kills in halo. One who takes them frequently, and as much as possible. One who hears, "Killtacular killtacular killtacular".
You're in a battle and just after you kill the enemy "You were killed by *Vulture*"
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guy at a party that doesnt drink but instead uses his sobriety to pick up less than sober females. generally considered a tool and scumbag
Dude Greg is a bigtime player
No he's not he's just a vulture he's got no actual game, anyone could do that.
by wolfpackrimjobsBRAH August 03, 2010
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Someone who picks up all the drunk girls at a club. Like a vulture they circle around trying to find a girl who is trashed and then swoops in and tries to pick her up.
That guys a fuckin vulture!

Im going to be a vulture tonight.
by meh March 25, 2005
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