There is no such thing
“there is no such thing as a healthy relationship “
by Shaddixx March 25, 2018
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Being in a happy relationship with a s/o, this includes having good communication and a surplus of love, patience, and respect for them.

A synonym: Chebet and Raya’s relationship

An antonym: Felix and Sophie’s relationship
Chebet and Raya, although not together for long have had a consistently happy and healthy relationship full of communication and respect.
by Triscuit37 January 19, 2022
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When she eating good & getting good dick from her nigga
" my baby gained that healthy relationship weight "
by Tugktx May 29, 2016
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The ace in the hole comeback, one so powerful that not only does it tear apart friendships but also tears holes through space and time.
Billy: "Johnny, UR MOM GAY"
*Billy begins to cry as the the earth explodes like the death star*
by moocowtnt March 22, 2018
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being so incredibly happy with someone that you have no idea how you got here. they make you feel so comfortable and you never have to try and be something else around them. ghost and zay.
ghost and zay have such a healthy relationship.
by zayzazz October 29, 2023
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Person 1: what do you think a healthy relationship looks like?

Person 2: Jackson and Sophie
by Pulsyylol December 4, 2022
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