Two pronouns to refer to yourself as it, its, and itself. You don't refer yourself as she/her or he/him but it/its/itself.
Person A: Have you heard about Person C? I heard that she got a new pet.
Person B: Oh really? She's so lucky
Person C: I refer to myself as It/its/Itself.
Person A and C: Ok my bad Person C!
by K4NR1-S4M4 July 09, 2021
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when anything (especially electronics)suddenly goes to crap and freezes up shuts off or just does not work at all anymore.
Holy crap, first the computer got slow then it just puked on itself and froze up.
by R.R.T. February 19, 2009
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Something most think is profound but in reality is pretentious and ostentatious.
Lois loved The Godfather, but Peter knew that it insists upon itself. He liked the Money Pit.
by Ole Gil September 10, 2007
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When the amount of money saved equals or exceeds the cost of an item or service, usually through an extended period of time.

This is very often used as a means of promoting a good or service, such as gutters, food processors, juicers etc. As in:

"Now with Debby Meyer's green bags, you never have to throw away your produce due to spoilage! Produce lasts up to 7 times longer, saving you money and time. This product nearly pays for itself!"
Because Jack bought a home coffee grinder, he can grind his own beans at home! He no longer has to buy more expensive pre-ground coffee, so in essence his new machine pay(s) for itself.
by johnny mc awesome August 19, 2009
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(n.) Any unfortunate event that closely resembles a prior one, that could have been avoided had people payed attention to history.
The Conservative governments' idea to re-introduce poll tax in the 80s was history repeating itself, as the peasants revolted as they did over 600 years before. Only now, they had workers' unions and a mortgage.
by Banastre July 16, 2004
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