I grasp his dick
by Wildwy March 10, 2017
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When someone doesn't truly understand or comprehend something and is making a large assumption about said subject
by rbi_guy44 June 6, 2019
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A form of contact-based telekinesis.
He grasps the dog and brings it to him
by OmnipresentMicroorganism October 25, 2017
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She had a bit of trouble grasping that her son had returned
by Saha hyo dany October 17, 2017
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A long period of time, usually more than a month.
It's been a very long grasp since i've seen my beloved Gertrude."
by Juggalo2Sweet95 April 2, 2020
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The act of stabbing someone so hard with a long hard rod to the pound that it rips their skin and goes through their hand, this rod could be a jellyfishing net, knife, or your penis
by SUMFURRYTHING June 20, 2016
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