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the fat kid you used to sit next to in school who would always jack off into your pencil case while he was thinking about bean burritos and double quarter pounders being pumped into his bloodstream via an I.V drip on account of he didnt have the physical strength or endurance to eat orally (except for his mums shit).
"look at that malomar"
by Jorge May 22, 2004
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badass jeep that costs way less than an h2 but is way fuckin better unless ur a soccer mom
hey, check out this video of me rock crawlin in my rubicon
by Jorge February 11, 2005
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1) A salvadoran female. (male: salvatrucho). Long before the "Mara Salvatrucha" became prominent, the terms "Salvatrucha" and "Salvatrucho" were commonly used to denote somebody originating from El Salvador.
1) Jose told me that Maria was Mexican, but I just found out she is Salvatrucha.
by Jorge February 16, 2005
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Term referring to the notorious "Mara Salvatrucha 13" gang.
Hey homes, do you know where the fuck you are?.. This is salvatrucha territory.
by Jorge February 19, 2004
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V. The combination of 'rolling', which refers to movement, and 'deep', which refers to 'many'. In lay, this would refer to one, or more than one, dominant male being led with a posse there for the sole purpose of protection, reputation, or intimidation.
Man A: You comin' to the club later?
Man B: Hell yeah, we finna roll deep in that.
by Jorge December 16, 2004
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Spanish slang, to panic. Or to get paranoid, like when one is stoned, or scared.
"Lo agarro su mama puñeteandosela y se paniqueo."
by Jorge September 09, 2003
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Uruguayan-Argentinian movie director and scriptwriter renowned for his weird stories with even more weird names.
- Have you watched Pedro Amenábar's classic?
- "The Milky"? Yes, I did, but I hated it.
- You probably didn't catch a thing, did you? It's a cult-classic!
by Jorge June 14, 2006
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