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(Adjective) Of or having two penises; two-dicked.
Holy shit, man... I was watching this special on the Discovery channel, and they said that there'e people who are bi-penial. That they have two dicks, man!
by Jorge April 5, 2003
(noun) a person who is in training to become a full fledged faggot; a fag underling.
Person #1 "Are you gay?"
Faggoteer: "Not yet. I am still a faggoteer. But I can't wait to be gay."
by Jorge April 7, 2003
1) A salvadoran female. (male: salvatrucho). Long before the "Mara Salvatrucha" became prominent, the terms "Salvatrucha" and "Salvatrucho" were commonly used to denote somebody originating from El Salvador.
1) Jose told me that Maria was Mexican, but I just found out she is Salvatrucha.
by Jorge February 16, 2005
Term referring to the notorious "Mara Salvatrucha 13" gang.
Hey homes, do you know where the fuck you are?.. This is salvatrucha territory.
by Jorge February 19, 2004
1. Breakfast. The first and most important meal of the day.
Hey Ruffus ... what you say, me and you go for breffis at the IHOP?
by Jorge September 17, 2005
Spanish, In Puerto Rico. Cuero, Putita easy usually non good looking girl.
by Jorge February 26, 2005
1. To fuck a woman without a condom
1. Dude, she was hot for it last night, but I didn't have a rubber so I had to go commando
by Jorge February 15, 2005