Usually a tough Italian guy who if someone says the wrong thing about him that guy will end up dead. He also knows a guy who knows a guy. But he can also be the guy that’s known
Don’t talk shit to Rocco or your a dead man
by Italianstallion13 October 16, 2020
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The most amazing boy ever. Funny, cute, intelligent an crazy. Loves funky stuff and awesome hats. Someone you couldn't live without. Always in a good mood and will always make you laugh. Someone that will stay in your heart forever.
When u saw Rocco I felt joy inside me.

OMG! Did you see how Rocco smiled.

Wow! Rocco you always make me laugh!
by Awesomew123 February 7, 2014
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Rocco is the nicest guy you will ever meet in your life. Rocco is always there to talk to you for hours and hours. Rocco is always there to rely on. Rocco he is superrrr good looking and has great hair. Rocco is really good at skateboarding. Rocco is the best and is amazing.
#rocco #best #reliable #cute #fun #skateboarding
by Iebcjwndjnshez July 4, 2019
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ancient greek translation for "eternal sex-god". It is beleived that anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts for long periods of time. Men posessing this name are also well endowed.
I wish my boyfriend was a Rocco
Im doing a Rocco tonight
I wish i could do a Rocco
by rffrwg February 15, 2008
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A very affectionate, loyal guy who will cook up a storm for you and then serenade you with his guitar. Loves animals, fast cars and motorcylces, fine wine and french bread. Outgoing, easily makes friends, but sometimes can lose track of time while talking to random people. Smart, funny and generally someone you want in your life forever.
Rocco C.
by Name with a better definition February 3, 2010
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the use of a series of sadistic practices on a woman including rough anal,choking,and lot's of ass to mouth.
I roccoed this bitch bad last night,she probably won't shit right for a while.
by larry roberts April 16, 2008
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Rocco is an amazing guy. He can make the world smile with his charms. He’s cute, sporty, funny, and lovable. He’s someone you can trust and love forever.
I have a person named Rocco in my life. He is very charming and loyal. Ever since I met him my life has gotten a lot easier.
by The Anonymous Someone April 21, 2019
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