Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ X-rated alter ego, due to his self-purported larger-than-life dick, taken from a popular sleazeball porno film from the late seventies.
So Clarence explained, “you know, Miss Hill, they call me Long Dong Silver, right?”
by Dr Bunnygirl May 5, 2023
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An African-American adult film character from the 1970s/1980s. The actor who played the character wore an abnormally large prosthetic penis.
"Damn, that Long Dong Silver sure was a freak of nature!"
"Dude, he was just wearing a big-assed dildo."
by Jake in NYC November 14, 2005
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This term is derived from the fictional pirate from Treasure Island 'Long John Silver'. It describes a gentleman equipped with a penis of staggering proportions. To be referred to in this way is a great source of pride to any man, as it implys that your dongbone has not only a great size, but a great reputation.
James: Carla why are you limping, with blood trickling down your knee? Hast thou fallen over, cripple?
Carla: No, I was fortunate enough to share a bed with George last night, he truly is Long Dong Silver!
by SuaveG July 26, 2006
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Long Dong Silver is the nickname I call Casey, another cadet on my floor who has this long dick I like to suck.
I sucked off Long Dong Silver this morning, and now he wants me to do it again!
by USAF Cadet October 19, 2020
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When you put your penis in between to fish fillets and she sucks it then uses the cum for tartar sauce
She loved the long dong silver
by III TTT June 20, 2020
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