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A male with no pee pee.
"A volcano exploded and lava hit my pee pee...my pee pee is now gone..I am a eunich now."
by no July 18, 2003
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"hey look, there are 900 flags on this street, I feel patriotic."
by no July 18, 2003
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Designed for defense, especially from a surface position, against aircraft or missile attack.
by no January 6, 2003
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She is the most perfect girl you will meet, you will have a lot in common with her and You will have a Very good time with her
by no November 28, 2021
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abreviation for childs penis, used to describe someone with a small penis
He has a CP!
by no March 7, 2003
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someone who is both crazy and sassy and the same time
ann was being crazzy!
by no July 19, 2006
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The most powerful god in the universe, that rules everything.
by no January 11, 2004
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