333 definitions by Lauren

"i cheesed in on miranda and lissa- they both total carpertmunchers!"
by Lauren August 31, 2003
seniors have a contest to see who can bang five freshman virgins first
"watch out for pete- he won the freshman five 4 years in a row... getting held back does have its perks"
by Lauren September 1, 2003
an accidental pregnancy resulting from anal sex.
g/f : my pregnacy test came back positive.
b/f : but i only gave it to you up the butt!
g/f : the dr.s said when you giz it can leak down and cause pregnancy.
by Lauren August 19, 2005
Formally known as the word "deuces". Meaning; Peace out, Bye, Have a great day, I'm out of here. You hold up four fingers while doing it.
"Alright yall I'm out, Quads!"
by Lauren January 31, 2004
United Dairy Farmers, an ice cream/ convenience store. the only fucking thing in Terrace Park.
"man i'm so baked- let's head to UDF and pick up some munchies"
by Lauren August 31, 2003
a drugs effects are wearing off (after smoking marijuana, this usually occurs about two hours later)
"hey, fire up the bowl again, i'm coming down"
by Lauren August 31, 2003
for ever
"dude, i've been waiting here 4 evs.. what have you been doing?!"
by Lauren August 31, 2003