333 definitions by Lauren

The hole on your butt (see also anus) in plural form.
The pig anii were closing in around me as each one shoved their reeking butt in my face.
by Lauren November 13, 2003
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applications, espec. for a job
"hold on, i'm gonna pick up some job apps before we leave"
by Lauren August 31, 2003
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when your skin gets dry and there is a lighter layer on top (the skin ASHES off)- easily fixed by putting on lotion
"man, i need to get some Jergens- my legs are ashing like mad."
by Lauren August 31, 2003
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Little smelly fish, often found at 138 Helen Drive. Also known as Franco Fritters.
Jimmy likes to put some manchovies on his jimmer jammer on a hot summer day.
by Lauren July 08, 2004
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