1) A circular ring above the heads of the deceased.
2) A game series made by Bungie exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox, and Xbox 360. If you own either console, but don't have a Halo game for it, there is something very wrong. One or the best games for the Xbox, often the Xbox "poster game" if you will.
1) Goku has had and lost so many halo's I lost count.

2) Halo 3 is still my favorite xbox game. Even after halo 4 came out. Halo 3 is that good.
by cartoonssuckbringontheanime987 January 12, 2013
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One of the launch titles for the Microsoft Xbox video game console. Microsoft expected the game to fail badly, and never marketed the game to be anything other than yet another launch title in what was definitely a weak line up. Upon release endless numbers of clueless console newbies who had never played FPS games before decided it was the best thing ever, and managed to ignore the sluggish gameplay, horribly repetitive linear level design, and generic low-detail graphics and proclaim it to the be the second coming of video games, and it somehow garned a virtually relgious following. Most of these were probably ignoring the poor single player experience and were playing multiplayer FPS for the first time ever, realising what PC gamers had constantly been talking about for the past 8 years since the release of Doom on PC. Except Doom was also a well crafted single player experience as well. Halo is not. A vastly over rated game that at least introduced a lot of otherwise ignorant gamers to the wonderful world of FPS, even if it now means that a lot more shoddy FPS games and even existing PC FPS franchises are being raped and taken over to sub-par console versions.

- Halo sucks.
by markgreyam January 06, 2005
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1. The act of splooging semen around the crown of a girl's head so that traces of cum remain on her forehead and hair "a halo"

2. Rubbing fresh hot cum onto a woman's head in a circular motion until her hair is molded into the form of a halo.

3. Similar to: cum-crown, cum-bandana
"That ho is such an angel...she let me HALO her 'til her entire head was covered in my jizz!"


Man: "Baby, will you be my beautiful angel tonight?"
Ho: "Of course...I love you!"
Man proceeds to ejaculate excessively on ho's head and says, "God's cock made you an angel tonight, bitch!"
by 'GinaWhore May 12, 2009
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A trilogy of games. Although very good at first glance, all 3 Halo games are basically your run-of-the-mill first person shooters. Nothing is bad, but nothing is good either.

If you want to play a REAL first person shooter, try Half Life, or Counter Strike.

But many Halo fanboys are too dumb to complete Half Life, and don't like CS because they die too fast, so they cling to a game which is not special in any way.
I used to love Halo, but after playing Half Life and CS, I am immediately revolted when someone talks about how great Halo is.
by FreshyFish August 28, 2008
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If there were a god to modern gaming this would b it...altough it is flawed greatly it is one of the best fps of all time...its right up there with sex and candy
Master chief is the future jesus...Halo's saviour
by Finiarel June 30, 2006
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The most over rated game of all time. Not bad, but not the best game of all time like some think it is.
Corey: Halo is the best game ever.
Me: But all you do is shoot aleins.
Corey: But the graphics are good.
Me: So in other words, you are prooving Shigeru Miyamoto right when he said that Americans will buy any game with mediocre gameplay as long as the graphics are good.
Corey: If the graphics are good than everything is good.
by Okita-Sama April 03, 2005
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