Similar to player a multiplayer is a male species who is an expert at seducing both men and women and is usually only interested in having sex with them. He is also likely to have relationships with several people at the same time.

NOTE: This creature is extremely rare, but nonetheless you should be careful!
Josh: Wow I had no idea Kevin was a multiplayer!

Ben: Yeah he screwed 2 chicks & 3 dudes in the past week.

Josh: The fuck do you know?!?

Ben: I was one of the dudes.

Josh: Oh...
by Gully Wabbit December 28, 2011
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Someone who plays more than one game.
Julio is a multiplayer gamer. He plays more than one game.
by nightlinks December 9, 2007
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Multiplayer game is a type of game in which you dont play against computer oponents, but against real people on the internet.

For more information about the multiplayer games, try using google.
George: All i do now is play neverwinter nights in the multiplayer mode!
Jane: Is that a new kind of soccer?
by juby July 8, 2004
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A type of game mode that includes more then 1 player for example online playing black ops 2
Mate 1v1 me online multiplayer trickshots only
by TheBanta September 8, 2015
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filled up to the neck in hackers trolls and much more perfect for destroying your mental being with rage
hey Jim i heard that bill died of multiplayer game
by "words" August 22, 2020
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A modding community for Geometry Dash because they were sick of waiting for the 2.2 update lol
I love GDMP (GD Multiplayer) cause robtop hasn't released 2.2 cause he's too busy sucking viprin's cock
Geometry dash multiplayer is lit
by encription June 7, 2021
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see whore. a creative way to call someone a whore.
My Dad is massively religious, just like your mother is massively multiplayer.
by DigitallyStoned May 11, 2008
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