Ingesting a powdered substance, usually a crushed up pill, by wrapping it in some toilet paper and swallowing it.
Man, I just parachuted that E pill, it's gunna hit me alot faster.
by JDG May 27, 2003
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The act of ingesting a powdered drug wrapped in toilet paper or another similar kind of thin paper so as to avoid the nasty taste of the substance. Another use for this method is for the drug to suppousedly "hit your system faster" which is not always the case.
I accidentally crushed a bean(MDMA), and i didn't want to snort it or waste it, so i decided to parachute it.
by d.roc December 29, 2006
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when a man stratches out his testicle skin and places it over someone face
dude, Ryan just gave Dustin the biggest parachute
by Alan September 29, 2003
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A device that someone uses to catch air and slowly decend to the ground
Bob fell slowly to the ground because of his open parachute
by Paul Upton April 21, 2004
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billys vagina, aka large enough to float one's self down from a large fall.
billy just jump ur parachute pussy will float u down
by pussywacker May 4, 2011
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When half a pop bottle has a bag on the other half, light the top and then pull the bag down slowly, remove the bowl and hit from it
man you got a great toke off that parachute
by Pothead January 13, 2005
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Refers to a round rather than rectangular device used by paraglider pilots to desend safely when then existing rectangular wing, and therefore steerable wing, has been compromised to the degree that death or serious injury is eminent.
If a paraglider pilot determines that existing wing is unflyable they must throw a reserve parachute to arrest their descent or risk death or injury. One drawback, parachutes are unsteerable, if you happen to be flying over a Redwood forest, or some 500,000 volt power lines, Mt Everest, you can imagine the sinking feeling?...

by adventureboy April 19, 2009
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