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1.a religous circular object above ones head

2.a religous circular object put into an xbox
tim:did you kno god had a halo

me:no shit he had halo its the best game ever
by Nick Schuler June 19, 2007

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1.a very good song for an action song
2.i swear to god i dnt make this up the entire whisper part lists snack foods go about 44 seconds in the song and he says chips and dip and about 27 seconds in he says cheese and sumthing
o'fortuna part from song(no lie):sum chips and dip go gets sum chips and salt food
by Nick Schuler June 21, 2007

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i 600$ gaming console that you will get only 2 hours of gamplay out of but will watch blue ray until blue ray fails like umd and beta
you enter a door then.... YOU TAKE a left you see a a large black peice of poop oh wait its a fridge u find warm colas you try to put them in but wait it wont open your are in the twilight zone. (or own a ps3)
by nick schuler June 15, 2007

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