Formerly great rock/metal band that suddenly started churning out disposable MTV pop rock dung aimed at 11-year-old girls and nobody else. To their credit, they fully admit to being sell-outs, but that doesn't make their musical sewage any more respectable or listenable.
I played my metalhead friends a song off Sugar Ray's first album and told them who it was, and they laughed at me and beat me half to death with shovels.
by boozeisdelicious August 9, 2005
The act of punching a woman directly into the vagina after making the sound "Ding Ding".
I found a girl who was a real knockout so I gave her a Sugar Ray Leonard, she loved it!
by assholero8 October 30, 2011
A name for a winter drink that is a mix of hot chocolate and Dr. McGillicuddy's methanol mint schnapps. It creates a nice warm feeling when the weather outside is frightful
zoof and I kicked back with a couple of sugar ray leonards and watched the snow fall

its super cold outside, we should mix up a couple sugar ray leonards
by h3RM December 23, 2010
A “cool uncle” with a patch of bleached hair. He’s an an occasional base playera d swears too mouth in front of kids.
Oh, Jesse. Yeah. He’s a Sugar Ray Motherfker. He’s stuck in 2001, just bleached his hair... again. He needs to settle down.
by Hernandy December 6, 2020