Special Forces is an elite US Army unit known to most as "Green Berets".
They are highly trained and are known as "a different breed of man".
A soldier who goes through some of the most grueling physical capabilities known to man.
They train indigenous forces and then conduct missions with them.
by Hooah! April 14, 2005
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Special Forces or SF, is an elite special operations force of the U.S. Army trained for guerrilla warfare, unconventional warfare, and special operations.
The phrase Special forces is commonly used to refer to any soldier under Special Operations Command. However, the term "Special Forces" is a direct reference to The United States Army Green Beret's. The Green Beret cadre consists of 8 active groups 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 19th, 20th groups respectively. Special Forces are also Special Operations, however, there is only one Special Forces.
Special Forces Groups are futher distinguished by specific ODA (Operational Detatchment Alpha), not to be confused with ODD, or D-boys, Operational Detatchment Delta, or more commonly refered to as Delta Force. Also incorrectly lumped into the Special Forces nomenclature are RANGER Batts, NAVSPECWAR operators (SEALS, DEVGRU, NSWU) and Air Force CCT, PJ, TACP operators. While many of these units function in a similar capacity to SF operators, there are in fact not Special Forces, but are known by their aforementioned acronyms. All fall under JSOC (joint special operations command) thus can be accurately described as special operations.
I just got finished with the Q course

-really, Special Forces?


-cool, my buddy is SF, he's in the navy, SEAL team 3

-he's not SF then, he's special warfare.
by 3/75 October 23, 2007
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A unit of US to Iraqi measurement conversion, whereby one US Special Forces Soldier is equal to 100 times his own weight in Iraqi insurgents.
"I'm one Special Forces officer, and I bet I can take on a thousand of you Iraqi bastards."
"Don't do it, it's a trick! He's got a friend!"
by Rann October 4, 2004
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The most bad ass mother fuckers who are trained in the U.S. Military right next to the Delta force.

These guys actually seem to threaten who I am unlike a regular cop on the street.

Some are cold bastards with no emotion and the ability to destroy people in massive amounts.

These men can pick locks, blow shit up, kill tons of people, and run a ton of miles for days on end.
If America was full of 18A Special Forces officers: Iraq would have had emp bombs blow out their electronics which kill 70% of troops. Dirty bombs killing people with radiation. Along with Specials killing people left and right with their bare hands. Iraq would have been won by now.
by Kamisama August 20, 2005
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A common term referring to a soldier who is part of a special ops group, from the US Army's Rangers to the US Navy SEAL's. Counterterrorist units are also special-forces.
"Look at all those soldiers out there in Iraq."
"Actually those are Rangers."
"Absolutely. Special-forces are the ones who fight wars these days."
by Dave September 13, 2004
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Umbrella term for the special operations troops in a military, typically those with better training and equipment, and who perform higher-risk and more secretive missions.

In US context, it applies specifically to the US Army's SF group, known to the public as the Green Berets, who specialize in behind-the-lines operations such as hit-and-run tactics, intelligence gathering and moreover, gathering the support of locals to train and support militias for counter-insurgency purposes.

As a US-specific umbrella term, it also applies to the Army Rangers (of which the late football star Pat Tillman was with), the Air Forces Pararescue Jumpers (PJ's for short), the iconic Navy SEALs, and the Force Recon Marines, who for all intents and purposes do the same job as the aforementioned SEALs.
Typical Special Forces mission objectives:

- counter-insurgency
- counter-terrorism
- hostage rescues
- reconnaissance
- hit-and-run missions
- "painting" targets for airstrikes
- the occasional peacetime humanitarian aid (Green Berets especially)
by JKroll80 October 20, 2007
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An autistic kid with a gun of any type
Person 1: Yo bro look at that autistic kid, he got a gun bro
Person 2: That some "Special" forces right there
Person 1: This is why nobody likes you, John
by DarthDiabetusTheWide August 4, 2021
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