that girl is a grotty because she is a thot but she is gorgeous so it makes up for it
by caption grotty June 01, 2015
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a girl who is gross, but a hottie. She burps, farts, scratches her butt and when she picks her nose or ears yells, "Jackpot!"

Particularly desirable as a girlfriend as she's hot... and being gross herself, she can never be disgusted with you because she is disgusting herself.

Marry her.
You hit the jackpot, brotha! You’ve got a girlfriend who can never get on your case for being disgusting because she’s even more disgusting. Sonny is gross and a hottie. She’s a Grottie!
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd August 19, 2010
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dead wrong; an action that deserves a beat-down
Girl One: That bitch thats supposed to be my best friend slobbed my man.
Girl Two: That's grotti.
by Courtney August 25, 2003
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80's slang term for disgusting, offensive, dirty, smelly, et cetera. Derived from either "gross" or "grotesque." Rarely heard today.
That gas station's bathroom was hella grotty.
by matt November 17, 2004
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yeah, right. his parents: his father, called spanky franky and his mother busen-susan really suckz. a grotti feels bad about his parents, always.
by DaRealKnoopernickel May 18, 2003
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