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from the japanese sound effect for "meow" ("nya" in japanese) and the suffix "ko" used exclusively in japanese girls names(i.e.: Ayako, Sachiko): A Catgirl
Nyanko was a catgirl...
by Courtney June 24, 2003
Baka, hentiaish, houshi in Inuyasha.
Miroku is such a perv!
by Courtney November 19, 2003
A rapper who use to be with Triple Six Mafia. He usually had a satanic voice when he rapped. His best album was his first underground album Da Devil's Playgrond. After he quit 3-6 he made two albums by himself, but they weren't as well written.
Damn Koopsta Knicca always says some crazy ass shit.
by Courtney March 11, 2005
a store that has the best clothes and accessories.
most people bitch about how its for posers and rich preps but they are only jealous because they would never look good in the clothes or they cant afford them because they are stubborn losers who dont shop there because they want to try and act "different" and cool in front of their equally loser friends eventhough all of them are the same so they arent actually being "different" now are they? i think not
group of goth kids: "check out that loser in the american eagle shirt, she is so not different like us"
girl: "too bad everyone of you is wearing all black...not very different is you ask me so quit your bitching"
by Courtney March 27, 2005
A rapper who was with The Killa Klan Kaze, Kame Kaze, and the Thugz from da Southside Kazed out 2000 mass destruction album. He made numerous apperances with Three Six Mafia like Dont make me Kill, be a witness, and some other shit. His rhymes were fucking santanic as hell, and rapped sorta like Koopsta Knicca.
Damn Scanman ripped that fucking song.
by Courtney March 11, 2005
Why trust air you can't see? The unbearable heat during the day adds to deliquency society as people prefer midnight outings and cow-tipping. From gang members to cowboys you will see a variety of "culture" The armpit of California is home to cheap living, suburbia mixed with random farms, and drastically changing geographics every year, as (for some reason) people keep moving there.
"Man it's hot as hell-wait..."
by Courtney April 17, 2005
A shit hole parentsw make us go to "learn" things when most of us onli fight get are drugs and talk
School sux
by Courtney April 1, 2004