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Usually seen on Viva La Bam, the heartagram was NOT created by Bam. He simply displays it to show his love for the band, HIM. Ville Valo, lead singer of the Finnish band, created the heartagram. Like everyone else says, the heartagram is a combination of a heart and pentagram, hence the name, HEARTAGRAM. To all of you dumbasses that think it's a heart and triangle, if it were, it would be called a heartangle. The heartagram represents love and hate.
I can't think of an example right now!
by Courtney May 25, 2004

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known as "the kissing disease" spread through saliva contact. A good way of tracing the chain of sexual activity in your school or workplace
After that huge orgy (aka Prom), no one came to school because they had all mono

i dumped Ted because he had mono..and i sure as hell didnt have it
by CouRtney June 04, 2004

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making out with all the trimmings. Know as being a common term among the Brits, but for Americans its like a piece of verbal candy. The sound and spelling of the word itself doesnt seem to match the meaning, which we all know and love so well
lets get back to snogging, i prefer it over your talking

my parents are out, wanna snog?
by CouRtney June 04, 2004

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-underaged sex available
There is a lot of usa in this club tonight
by Courtney May 20, 2004

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t.A.T.u. are a pop duo from Russia who made it big in 2003 with their outlandish and controversial lesbian-schoolgirl antics. The brain behind t.A.T.u. was one Ivan Shapovalov, a child psychologist who thought that the male population of the world would enjoy the fantasy that was t.A.T.u.

Okay, so t.A.T.u. have received a lot a shit from all those cynics out there, citing Lena and Julia as nothing but trendsbians, however the two never actually CLAIMED to be lesbians, simply in love with one another (I know, I'm nitpicking, but I don't care).

Furthermore, t.A.T.u. have been the biggest pop group ever really to address issues concerning homosexual relationships and the like, so I definitely think that they deserve their props.
Britney and Madonna were reduced to ripping off t.A.T.u. with THAT kiss at THOSE MTV VMAs a few years ago, when they snogged one another onstage.

A few people in the audience could've sworn they saw Madonna suck out Britney's soul.

Jack Black also said that Madonna didn't kiss Christina Aguilera as long as she did Britney, cuz of the dodgy looking scabs around Xtina's lips.
by Courtney April 08, 2005

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Any one seen Fight Club? There's a fight scene involving a guy who has bitch tits.

Bitch tits form when a male heavily abuses steroids. Given that all men have a small amount of oestrogen in addition to testosterone, steroids greatly increase the level of testosterone in a man's body.

However, in an attempt to keep testosterone and oestrogen at steady levels in relation to each other, the body produces much more oestorgen than necessary, resulting in feminine characteristics, namely breasts.
"Is Pete still on the 'roids?"

"No. He stopped taking them last year when they gave him bitch tits."
by Courtney April 08, 2005

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he is the sexiest smartest cutest hottest guy....wow he's the guy of every girlz dream, if you see him you would probabbly want to fuck him up the ass...wow so sexy
wow tht haris iz sexy
by Courtney July 19, 2004

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