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Markeya is a nice classy girl. She likes you have fun and gets along with people easy. Markeya takes cloths very serious. Sometime Markeya can be a little mean if you mess with her. She also takes family really seriously
Wow Markeya is fun to hang out with.
by Courtney June 05, 2016
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Porn slang for a male porn actor
"Hard-on Harry can't make it today, sir. He was in an accident involving a rubber swing..."

"Forget about it... you don't need to be a genius to be a meat puppet! He can be replaced easily..."
by Courtney April 06, 2005
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One of the shittiest most boring cities in the United States.
What're you going to do tonight?
I live in Milan, what is there to do?
by Courtney January 15, 2005
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Baka, hentiaish, houshi in Inuyasha.
Miroku is such a perv!
by Courtney November 18, 2003
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known as "the kissing disease" spread through saliva contact. A good way of tracing the chain of sexual activity in your school or workplace
After that huge orgy (aka Prom), no one came to school because they had all mono

i dumped Ted because he had mono..and i sure as hell didnt have it
by Courtney June 04, 2004
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Perky Coconuts Island is the Island the the bushmurrys bushmurry live on. It has 4 islands in the shape of circles touching eachother. It is surrounded by beautiful beach. On these Islands you will find gorgi huts and palm trees and beautiful people. BUT however in the middle of the islands in an ugly wasteland where people called the NATIVES live they live in fig trees and have no lifes. COME TO PERKY COCONUTS ISLAND WHERE THE SURF IS GREAT AND THE GIRLS R PRETTY(KELSI IS)
Native: ur hot where do u live?
Kelsi: perky coconuts island of course
Courtz: R u and native or a bushmurry
Native: Native
Courtz kat and kelsi: pooh go back to your wasteland! no interbreding with natives
Native: Damn i liked the look of that blonde one
Kelsi: Who me?
Native: yes you!
by Courtney May 21, 2004
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