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Baby Rah passed out fifteen seconds into his "beat-down." When he awoke, his 250-lb. mother filled his view.
by William Dean A. Garner September 17, 2003
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The act of receiving a serious butt whoopin at the hands of a person or group of persons.
Man look at LT's face, he really got the beat down from that bum.
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
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A severe beating delivered with the hands and feet; a pummeling so bad, the recipient needs to use his health insurance; see open a can of whup ass
I beatdown some fruity lookin dude for makin eyes at me!
by Nasty Nate May 14, 2004
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1. To beat someone up very badly, to the point of them being on the ground. This can happen with a combination of the following:

* Punching
* Kicking
* Kicking Balls
* Curbstomping
* Fist Fighting

After the victim is on the ground, various forms of abuse may happen. Beatdown is then concurred, and a broken limb is required before it's real beatdown.

2. Another way of expressing utter defeat of someone. Can be used in celebration or defeat.
1. James and Corey got into a really bad fight, but after Corey kicked James in the balls, it became beatdown.

2. Person A: Oh god! Did you see how much he sucked?
Person B: Yeah, it was total beatdown.
by Shenkisshi August 12, 2006
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1. A fistfight where the odds are stacked highly in one of the two participants favours, commonly resulting in broken bones and softening of the face.

2. The climax of a hardcore song, usually a down-tempo combination of palm muted open strings/extensive pinch harmonics and low end chords, where crowd participant's can quite simply unleash the beast on one another.

3. fucking awesome.
"Did you see that fight outside the bar last night?"
"Mate, that wasn't even a fight, poor guy just got a serious beatdown"

"Have you heard Nasty's new album???"
"Yeah, when i heard the beatdown on track 4 i thought i was going to void my bowels"
by thickasblood December 25, 2008
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v. (1) to verbally berate into submission (publicly) (2) to physically rough up or convincingly administer authority over another person or thing (3) the exercise of legitimate authority, rules, or known customs which leaves a person or persons in a poor position and often disappointed.
n. the act of beating down (2) a disappointing and unexpected result to an attempted action
Verb: Mr. Smith beat down that dude who came up on his porch asking for money.

Noun: (1) I had to throw a beat down on that punk ass. (2) That was a beat down.
by Tom Ward January 03, 2003
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To receive a BEAT DOWN would be equivalent to getting your ass seriously beaten by another person or persons; to have one's ass handed to them; to be "pounded into the ground" by someone who doesn't like you.
"Hey, look at that lil' wimp bitch over there. Lets go give him a beat down."
by EmAr33 December 21, 2006
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