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synonym: gay, stupid, idiot, fucktard, wang-tard, wing-wang, wangalang, John Kerry etc.
Wraith you queerwig you scratched my anchor!
by matt August 30, 2004
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A sip of a drink. This is especially true if the beverage has been purchased from Starbuck's.
Hey! Do either of you (Jeremiah or Scott) want a drippy?
by matt May 6, 2005
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A rapper who is dead but somehow keeps releasing albums....

by matt May 20, 2003
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"She just told me 'no'"
"That didn't stop Kobe, play it off"
by matt September 23, 2003
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A member of a forum which has gone from being an interesting place for debate and news to a site which prefers to ask the question of "when did you first..." or who is owned at that particular moment. Most probably ages 12 - 17 if a new member.
a 13 year old feels lonely and has nothing to do, suddenly they can have a range of teens believeing everything they write, heaven :)
by matt April 11, 2005
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Mild version of love, describing good feelings for someone often for freinds on un serious partners. Love is considered to be deeper and stronger, luv is the mild version.
by matt April 9, 2003
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the process of male gential explodsion
Wow ... that kid's gotta lot of Fun juice
by matt June 16, 2006
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