a term used after someone has said something totally rediculous that makes you feel like you have the urge to slit him down the back and throw salt in the wound.
When i told the bitch to give me head and she said no, i told her she was dead wrong.
by jt football March 29, 2006
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The 1999 Song By The Notorious B.I.G Featuring Eminem From His Greatest Hits/Born Again Album About Rape, Murder, And Pedophilia – Perfect For An Eminem Collab!
Guy 1: Yo Dude You Wanna Listen To Some Biggie Smalls?
Guy 2: Sure Man, What Track?
Guy 1: Dead Wrong Ft. Eminem
Guy 2: Hell Yeah!
by RapFanboy1911 January 26, 2019
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when someone can't graduate from school without kissing the principal's cock
if you think you can graduate from this school without kissing my cock.....you are dead wrong
by hamorabi April 12, 2021
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