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to touch another in an aggressively sexual way
he groped her uncontrollably during foreplay
by marilyn October 09, 2002

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to talk shit
John was baggin on some chick for walking boe-legged.
by Marilyn September 22, 2003

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a type of medicine that cleans you out, or makes u poo. gives u fiber...comes in capsules or drinks...tastes sooooo bad
ugh, i hate metamucil!
by marilyn February 19, 2005

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cool, in style, sweet, hip
and all the girls think im pretty fich for a white guy
by marilyn January 28, 2004

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The intended title for a pornographic film project now in the works; intended to advance Texas jurisprudence.
Hey, have you seen "Oral Argument" yet? It's awesome.
by Marilyn February 04, 2005

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disgusting fiber drink to help constipation
ewww, its metumucil thats gross!!
by marilyn February 24, 2005

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humph, darn it
oh grump!
by marilyn January 29, 2004

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