Man, I just touched gum under my seat! How grody!
by noidontliketwilight February 22, 2011
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Eww, your hair looks like so totally grody!
by T-izzle March 11, 2005
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A term used when someone is gross, weird, and ugly.
Ew. Look at her sweater; it is so grody.
by GrodyCreator October 4, 2010
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Ultimate slime, like you know, moldy lint in your belly button. Like spam with marshmallow sauce. Fatal grunge.
"Dude! Don't pick your belly button here man! That is SO GRODY! Eugh!"
by awesome blender March 11, 2005
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a term us valley gurls use to explain something nasty or really gross
grody mr rogers in a spedo
Like ew grody he just ate dirt
Omg that is so grody I think Im ganna die
by Tori July 7, 2004
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grody would mean gross/dirty like an emaceated donkey's hindparts. some people have grody minds and speak of farting into a girls mouth when she is sexing you with her tounge. ewww!
"You are soooo grody like an emaceated donkeys hindparts, Jody!!"*

*note- not referring to any specific Jody- it just rhymes. Jeezus you take things with such offense!
by discolemonade July 12, 2004
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