(v.)- perfoming a sexual act on someone; someone's ability to have sex with someone a lot.
"He's still sexing that chick?"
by kmartttttttttt April 27, 2007
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(n.) Slang for having sex. Isn't actually a real word.
Kate and Rob are sooo sexing right now!
by tiffyyyy September 29, 2008
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1) Two or more people engaging in sexual intercourse.

2) Johnny Knoxville's favorite word from "A Dirty Shame" explaining people having oral,mental or physical sex.
"Everyone goes sexing at Lovers Lane"
"Ewe, those 2 are sexing in public..."
"Let's go SEXING!"- Johnny Knoxville
by moxielady32 July 22, 2011
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The act of breeding two plants, or two animals. This is done frequently by marijuana farmers.
Sexing goats for a living is my dream.
by Earl Toadman June 12, 2006
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when you shove your dick into a lava lamp because your lonely as fuck
by Jerry the wanking dolphin December 16, 2018
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to fuck, to screw, to bang, to reproduce, to copulate, to pork your lover, to booger my bed, to hump your honey, to get laid, to lay some pipe, to hide the salami, to slam (or to get slammed), to burry the bone, to stuff the donut, to moisten the carpet, to dine in the Y, to munch on the rug, to physically express shit, to slam the hen, to shoot the sherbert, to whack Willy Wonka into Wonderland, to yodel in the mighty fairy-infested, stinky, and yeast-infested canyon of love. There are many kinds of this, like dick in ass and dick in vagina, dick in mouth or vagina in mouth. It expresses pleasure for both men and women.
"I got fucked, John."
"Realy, by who?"
"Stupid question pussyhole. It was us."
"Yes, sex babe."
by sophieisapatheticthot66 January 15, 2022
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Sex is the acronym for the way humans are created. S stands for Super, E stands for extraterrestrial, and X stands for Xenomorphing. So sex is Super Extraterrestrial Xenomorphing. The way it works is the storks deliver the baby to the mom. The baby is created by crushing high energy mass, and the rest ends up in the mom's belly. The mom goes to the hospital so they make sure that she doesn't drop the baby. And she also had to scream really loudly for the storks to know where she is.
by JooperPooper12345 November 7, 2017
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