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The term: Short for independent rock. In terms of music it would be independent of major labels/mainstream stuff.

History: grew out from 60s garage, 70s punk, and 80s post punk it started in the mid 80s as alternative/college radio music. Once nirvana hit big the alternative genre split: the popular side was just alternative(Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, No Doubt, etc.) and the other half that wasn't mainstream(by choice or not) became indie rock(Pavement, Sebadoh, Built To Spill, etc).

Some bands have signed to major labels but are still considered indie(Modest Mouse, etc.). Go figure.

Sound: In the begining indie sounded like alternative(because it was) but it grew more experimental and weird. In Britain indie has more of a typical sound like Radiohead, Muse, etc. rather than a definition based on 'the scene.'

The scene: if you really think all indie kids do is try to be cooler than other people then... well.. you're mostly right. The main point is, don't take the scene and the whole hipster attitude seriously. No one does. And if you do, well, then I'm cooler than you.
just gimme indie rock
by tori January 03, 2004

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often confused with love, it is purely physical attraction and has no lasting effect
she lusted after him, his eyes, his hair, his body
by Tori September 05, 2003

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To perform a tongue tornado all you have to do is find her clitoris(which is just at the top of the slit) and at first slowly and progressively faster make circles with your tongue around it. Dont press too hard, it doesn't take much stimulation
"Greg Gave me one and he put hot sauce on the end of his tounge oh god"
by Tori February 21, 2004

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Berton had this basic guitar and drum riff lying around for a long time," he said, "even before the Knack got together. He played it for me, and I really liked it. I said we would do it someday, but I didn't know how we could use it at the time. Then, at the same time the Knack started, I met a little girl named Sharona, whom I fell in love with. When I would think about Sharona, Berton's riff came to mind. So Berton and I got together and worked out a structure and a melody and the words. The result was 'My Sharona'."
"Always get it up for the touch
of the younger kind"

by Tori March 22, 2004

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private girls school on the north shore.
male-associated schools are mainly riverview and joeys
much better than loreto kiribilli
all girls @ loreto rock
"she goes to loreto..whoah she must be something!"
by tori January 09, 2004

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girls who are so totally awesome! brunettes rule the world and absolutely rock!!!
jojo - a girl that followed her dreams at the age of 13!! it doesnt get much better than that ;-)
by tori April 21, 2005

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a woman who manipulates men to do her dirty work
by tori October 01, 2003

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