Pieces of shit! With nice asses that fuck anyone, but smell like fish(you know where)
Netflix and chill? :* (to someone you just meet and she said yes, putas all the way) lmao
by NotoriousJeff November 18, 2015
Esas putas me dejaron!
by Leethull December 3, 2015
to put something some where
hey, puta cat outside.
by panwhich August 24, 2008
Happy birthday puta, that means pretty lady in koren
by Doja cat December 4, 2019
As a show of good sportsmanship, many Spanish speaking audiences yell this term during a soccer/football match when the opposing team's goalie kicks the ball as a way of saying, "good kick!"
by tetsuo29 March 3, 2016
What PETA really should be called.
People for the Unethical Treatment of Animals
PUTA must be stopped!
by Charuzu August 23, 2019
E. Christopher Dunn.

(see also: E.z0r; Christoz0rpher; you've been DUNN)
Sentence: When speaking to ECD, one could say something such as, "Fine, don't like my excuse. Puta."
by Jacque L'Poot May 4, 2005