Best show of the 80s/90s.
Actors include:
-(Dylan Mackay)Coy Luther (Luke) Perry III
born: 10/11/66 (28) in Mansfield, OH
-(Kelly Taylor)Jennifer Eve Garth
born: 4/3/72 in Urbana, IL
-(Donna Martin)Victoria Davey Spelling
born: 5/16/73 in Los Angeles, CA
-(David Silver)Brian Austin Green
born: 7/15/73 in Van Nuys, CA
-(Steve Sanders)Ian Andrew Ziering
Born: 3/30/64 in West Orange, N.J
-(Nat Busichio) Joe E Tata
-(Brandon Walsh)Jason Bradford Priestley
Born:8/28/69 in Vancouver, B.C.
-(Brenda Walsh)Shannon Daugherty
born: 4/12/71 in Memphis, TN
-(Jim and Cindy Walsh) James Eckhouse and Carol Potter
-(Andrea Zucherman) Gabrielle Anne Carteris
born: 1/2/61 in Phoenix, AZ
The ORIGINAL OC(The OC sucks..Beverly is Rockin')
The original OC.
Full of teen angst and drama.
Laguna beach meets better scripts..
It's just awesome. Watch it on TV tropolis at 5:00pm every day.
Emily calls Sasha *RING*
Sasha: hello?
Emily: BEVERLY HILLS 90210 IS ON!!!
Sasha: I'm WELL WELL WELLLLL aware.
Emily: *gasp* I can't believe brandon just kissed her!!
Sasha: I KNOW!!!
Emily: Aww, I love Dylan. I'm going to marry that man.
Sasha: Me too. <33
by Emmeline January 18, 2007
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Beverly Hills, 90210 is a wonderful show lasting from 1990 to 2000. A great show dealing with realistic issues, love, romance, dating, sex and exciting, romantic and entertaining storylines. There are lots of great couples. The show is 10 seasons long and 296 episodes, each episode lasting an hour and filled with romance and great storylines. A very memorable show with an amazing cast and couples with amazing chemistry. Kissing, sex, love, excitement, Beverly Hills, 90210 has it all.
Beverly Hills, 90210 is a great television show.
by Chibafan February 15, 2007
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A wonderful show that has lots of romance and love and exciting storylines. I used to be a huge anime fan because I loved romance and kissing and love stories in anime and thought that anime was the best. Then I found a real show, Beverly Hills, 90210 , an amazing romantic show with lots of wonderful storylines. Lots of kissing and romance and sex. This show is amazing and I have now seen all ten seasons. Each episode is one hour and there are 296 episodes, making 300 hours. The show has lots of romance, sex, dating, relationships and deals with real issues that everyone faces. There are lots of couples and great love triangles and great storylines. One of the best shows. Beverly Hills, 90210 is an amazing, wonderful show. I used to be an anime fan and now I love real television. Beverly Hills, 90210 is a wonderful show with lots of romance and wonderful storylines and lots of kissing. I went from being an anime fan because I loved romance and kissing in anime to being a fan of real television because Beverly Hills, 90210 has lots of romance, kissing, dating, couples, relationships, love triangles and everything. Almost 300 hours, a wonderful series.
Beverly Hills, 90210 is an amazing show. I used to be a fan of anime, but now I love real shows. Beverly Hills, 90210 has wonderful storylines and is one of the best shows ever.
by Mamochan February 10, 2007
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