preppy prep conceited rich stuck up
1. a preppy person called "Fresa" is a social term used in Mexico, not all latin america. It is "Mexican slang".
2. Fresa's are usually stuck up, have expensive clothes, cars, are usually middle high or high class, and talk different than everyone else. Like in every other country there are pseudo-fresas, those who pretend to be preppy but aren't.
3. Anyone above middle class is Mexican society is born cursed to be a Fresa
4. Fresa also means Strawberry in Spanish
"Ana... es una fresa!"
by Ally. January 6, 2005
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opposite of naco; a mexican slang word used to describe disgustingly rich, preppy stuck up mexicans with blonde highlights who usually are the offspring of rich Mexican political figures; fresas like to start each sentence with "osea guey"; fresas take over San Antonio, TX during Easter and Christmas and make a mess at all of the malls and ross stores
osea mames la neli se crea bien fresa, pero deberia de regresarse a nacolandia
by lissymtzp January 10, 2008
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mexican term which is a combination of preppy, snob,label whore and valley girl/boy kind of girl or boy. opposite of naco.
by m3mo October 28, 2007
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A Mexican slang term for rich, spoiled girls (rich boys are also included). Fresas talk diferently than lower class people, making their speech distinct. Fresas can be super sweet and humble even though they are rich or they can be stuck up, spoiled, bratty girls. They are part of all high class population throught the whole Mexican country. Other latin american countries have started using the slang.
Fresa: Guey, no mames, asi neta, cuentame TODO
Fresa 2: Neta, osea guey, ni te imaginas
by Midnight Quesadilla January 6, 2015
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its mexican slang
1. in the north of mexico, it means a person, either a guy or a girl, whos family has money or is high class, usually preppy and wear expensiveish clothes, the opposite would be cholo o and we generally talk like really fast and that pisses off ppl some times

2. More down souther in mexico it generally means a preppy girl
El Javier y el Maiky ivan al super a comprar pisto y unos cholos pasaron y se las hicieron de pedo (hacer de pedo) porque eran fresas
by fosho maan May 9, 2006
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1) Means strawberry in Spanish
2) What we call those model-like girls that look rich and white... but talk a hundred miles an hour in Spanish like nobody's business
Those fresas over there are real butter faces
by mexi July 26, 2004
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Fresas wear rhinestone studded apparel, affliction, ed hardy, armani exchange, and is usually equipped with sunglasses that are obviously meant for women, also wear stupid ass pointy shoes that look like aladdin, or shoes and jackets of cars they'll never afford (ferrari), and also are gay
by Jew Magic June 3, 2009
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