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preppy prep conceited rich stuck up
1. a preppy person called "Fresa" is a social term used in Mexico, not all latin america. It is "Mexican slang".
2. Fresa's are usually stuck up, have expensive clothes, cars, are usually middle high or high class, and talk different than everyone else. Like in every other country there are pseudo-fresas, those who pretend to be preppy but aren't.
3. Anyone above middle class is Mexican society is born cursed to be a Fresa
4. Fresa also means Strawberry in Spanish
"Ana... es una fresa!"
by Ally. January 05, 2005
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Mexican slang for preppy, but not in the old-fashioned sense, as in a well-bred, prep school-educated (in Mexico or the US), Old Family young man/woman, but in the current sense, as a crass, public school-educated, anonymous middle-class arriviste. They're, nonetheless, looked up to and envied by the lower classes.
La fiesta estuvo equis. Puros "fresas" de Cumbres, nadie conocido.

The party was mediocre. Just a bunch of "fresas" from Cumbres (a North Monterrey suburb). Nobody we know.
by Miguel. March 18, 2007
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opposite of naco; a mexican slang word used to describe disgustingly rich, preppy stuck up mexicans with blonde highlights who usually are the offspring of rich Mexican political figures; fresas like to start each sentence with "osea guey"; fresas take over San Antonio, TX during Easter and Christmas and make a mess at all of the malls and ross stores
osea mames la neli se crea bien fresa, pero deberia de regresarse a nacolandia
by lissymtzp January 09, 2008
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A social slang term used in Mexico, before only a noun for strawberry, to describe stuck up Spanish girls or boys that have picky tastes, are extremely spoiled and always get their way, have little concern for the needs of others, and are snob, rude, and overly obnoxious. Densely populated in northern Mexico and the U.S. states that surround its northern border, they are often associated but quite different from preps through the fact that preps usually pay little attention to other "types” of people. They are, however, critical of other people and their personalities, believing that they are superior to everyone else, and mostly only associate with themselves. In most cases depending on region, Fresas can’t speak Spanish consistently or well, talk differently from those around them, look like they are white, sometimes deny their culture or don't want to be what they are. They are also usually of middle high or high class so they believe they are better at life when in fact it doesn’t mean shit. Anyone above middle class in Mexican society is often born cursed to be a Fresa. Some Fresas are actually pseudo-fresas, those who pretend to be Fresa but aren't, and are the most susceptible to criticism from those against the Fresa way. It is a sad way of acting, let alone life, and they are a disappointment and pitiful embarrassment to Mexico. In fact there is an unspoken rivalry between Fresas and non-Fresas that has only led to bitter up front hate against each group.
-a cool regular guy goes up to a bunch of Fresas during school and asks one of them…

Dude: Hola, what is your name?

Fresa: Ungh, who are you, get out of here choto!

Dude: …*Amazed at her disrespect he thinks in awe and stares, finally saying* Pinche Fresa Chingate, you think your better than me, why don’t you learn Spanish, get your head out of your ass, and get a life! Suck it bitches!!
by assailant666 August 17, 2006
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mexican term which is a combination of preppy, snob,label whore and valley girl/boy kind of girl or boy. opposite of naco.
by m3mo October 28, 2007
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The hordes of Mexican women emigrating with their corrupt families to the United States (El Paso, Texas) as a result of the ever increasing violence in their third world country. Also, known to escape persecution from certain drug lords because of their families involvement.

A shy breed, they usually stick to themselves and keep social circles with what they deem as upper class. They have been known to mingle with 'common folk' (e.g. economically lower ranked individuals) because in most cases that is their valid form but since they are highly selective of who they fraternize with they'll never admit it.

In it's environment, they seem to frequent discount clothing stores such as Ross or Marshall's and seem to be a frugal
type since their three shopping carts are full of goods; it has been said that they'll take these goods and sell
them for twice as much.

In appearance, they pride themselves on their looks & unique way of speaking and are usually about a million times better looking, fit & dressed than their El Paso sisters, so they think.

Their attitudes range from conceited to simply not acknowledging the fact that you are alive and if they do address you, they will usually greet you with, "Joven". If you happen to get the attention of this particular breed they will run you off the streets with their Hummers, which are usually adorned with an off green (in some instances, yellow) Chihuahua state license plate while blaring Belanova or some kind of Mexican pop they tend to call music.

Mating rituals are year round and are seen in some academic institutions such as El Paso Community College but mostly at the University of Texas of El Paso, where the haze over the Liberal Arts building is a sure indication and physical sign of the female's need to reproduce. When selecting a mate, they seem to go for lighter skinned males with a unusual surname that is pronounced in Spanish. These males usually descend from well-to-do families and is complete replica of the said breed in male form. The average male does not have enough money or power to attract the attention of this breed. Upon mating, these two will eventually go on to get married, experience a long marriage even though their husbands commit in extramarital affairs but as long as a steady flow of Coach purses & Bebe apparel keep flowing in they will be content with their situation.

The Fresa, will live a long and happy life. Osea, guey, no mames!

Fresas are better than you & I.

"1914 is full of Fresas tonight!"

"Osea, soy de Chihuahua, guey! Osea."

Tecathursdays usually are frequented by Fresas & such.

by lovehaterelationship January 13, 2009
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