Pronounced: Euh-ah (As though it's one word, pronunciation fluctuates depending on the person)

A term used by the "Eezygang" and Berlin (Berleezy) himself. The word is used to express excitement, admiration and hype; also used in response to an accomplishment of either the speaker or another party.
Person A: *Passes a level*
by Bun_buni June 12, 2020
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A cry of distress, disgust, joy, sadness, or confusion

EUGH my grealch (see: grealch)
by MichaelChiklis January 7, 2016
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Eugh (acronym) pronounced "Uh-ah", stands for Everybody United Getting Hype and is a word used to hype some up/compliment someone for something they have accomplished/approve of something. It is used by Eezygang and the Eezygang community on Youtube.
John: *Perform exceptional beatboxing*
Wade: Eugh, I see you with the skills, John!
by Fheudh July 31, 2021
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Grunt like noise mad to show disgust or inability to stand something or someone.
'Eugh, you make me want to kill myself'
'Eugh, get OUT'
by noofruit March 4, 2006
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chef: “ feeds pufferfish carrot

pufferfish: “eugh “
by soggytetas December 17, 2019
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kinda like ewwan expression of disgust in what someone or something is doing, or saying. Eugh can also be used playfully when a friend, family member, or significant other is acting a fool, or being ugly. Someone could also say "eugh" when you or someone else uses a certain type of voice...

basically a reaction to anything a person deems ugly. add extra u's for more emphasis on the ugliness.
*Friend walks down the hall like a duck*
other friend: Euuugh! ugly!

*both laugh hysterically*

clown: *ugly clown voice* Hi Kids!

kids: EUGH!!!!
by jaaadieeeeiloveyou July 20, 2013
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