Grody, (grow-dee) is a word describing anything gross, grimy, filthy, or dirty in a generally humorous manner.
Guy 1: "Did you see Dan's mustache for Movember? "

Guy 2: "I heard he gave out a few mustache rides, man that thing was grody."
by CLED5 December 17, 2009
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adjective. Used to describe something really gross, nasty, sick, or anything just all around disgusting.
Bob: Did I tell you jason's plumbing backed up and flooded his basement?

Joe: Ew, grody, man.
by Smashley O_o October 17, 2008
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Ultimate slime, like you know, moldy lint in your belly button. Like spam with marshmallow sauce. Fatal grunge.
"Dude! Don't pick your belly button here man! That is SO GRODY! Eugh!"
by awesome blender March 11, 2005
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gross, rude, obnoxious, disturbing, disgusting, dirty person
Yankee Doodle is so grody to Libby Lu on the bus!

Kristean is such a grody person!!!!
by orangepielove November 06, 2007
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