1. A person from the USA.

2. A tourist in Mexico with the stereotype of northern European race.

3. In Mexico, common nickname to a person with pale skin, Brown or blond hair and blue/green eyes.

1. I'm afraid the gringos (americans) will be fearful with us because of the swine flu.

2. Look at the gringo with the citymap, he's asking for help, maybe he's lost.

3. Hey dude you always got your skin red by playing soccer in the sun.. You're a god damn gringo.
by alanherb June 19, 2009
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A slang term used by mexicans to describe a white person. Used commenly on the border.
Alejo: that tourist is such a fucking gringo!
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Spanish literally - foreigner
Often used by hispanics when refering to white (esp. American) people
It is generally derogatory, but can be used in reference context
"los gringos saben ingles" (the Americans speak english)
"Fuck you gringo" (fuck you whitey)
by farged November 21, 2007
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American, from the USA. The term comes from the american intervention in mexico in the late eighteen hundreds. Term derives from the popular phrase "green go home" yelled to american troops because of their green uniforms. It does not mean "white" or "caucasian" it is a derrogatory term depending on the context.
Gringa: female gringo. In mexico city it is a dish of shepherd style pork and cheese in aflour tortilla topped with coriander onion and pineapple.
It would suck to be a gringo, everyone in the world would hate you.

Pinches gringos me la pelan! Son unos pendejazos!!

Me da dos gringas y una coca? Ca I have two gringas and a coke?
by Bujinkanman December 10, 2006
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If you travel around South America for any length of time, you'll come to realise that the word "gringo" there is generally synonymous with "foreigner", regardless of race or skin color.

For example an Argentinian is a gringo in Brasil, a Colombian is a gringo in Chile etc. It's used in both Spanish and Portuguese. Technically then, Latinos are the "gringos" in the US...

Most dictionaries say that it originally comes for the Spanish word for greek, which is "griego". This in turn dates back to a Medieval Latin phrase "Graecum est; non potest legi" (It is Greek; it cannot be read). A Spanish version of this is "hablar en griego", to speak Greek and therefore be unintelligible.
Não, meu! O cara é gringo, de Argentina. Você não ouviu o sotaque dele?
by vitamin jay October 02, 2006
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Has. Nothing. To. Do. With. Skin. Colour.

Term used by Latin-Americans for non-Spanish(or Portuegese) speakers, particularly Anglo-Americans. Can range from affectionate to pejorative.
"Man, I think that pasty-ass Argentinian called me a gringo", said Tyrone.
by Jaaacob July 24, 2006
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joint. a marijuana cigarette. popular term used by youth from Quebec.
l'ets go smoke that gringo. On s'en va tu fumer ce gringo.
by Banana_ December 04, 2009
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