Tyrone is the man with the meat plan. Tyrone maybe saved in your girls phone as Tyeshia. Tyrone has not one bitch but several. Tyrone's usually avoid the drama of single women with their motto being "If the bitch ain't got a man, ion want her" Tyrone is probably somewhere balls deep in your bitch as you're reading this.
Damn that nigga Tyrone fucking everybody girl.
by Tbc34 March 14, 2017
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Proper noun: Tyrone is the general name for a black male whose true name is unknown. Unlike offensive generic names, like Toby or Kunta Kinte, the name Tyrone does not mean to carry an offensive quality.

Also, the term can be used as a unit of measurment in reference to black males.
Tyrone's got a kickass car over there.

Six Tyrones just walked into the party.
by Tyrone Jiggadubz August 8, 2005
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An urban legend in the similair vein of Bloody Mary and The Candyman;

Upon stating his name three times into a mirror, Tyrone, a sexually potent African American being of great size and stature appears behind you with what seems to be an instantaneously enraged erect member of abormal size and strength, with which he then proceeds to perform high calibre acts of non-consensual, ill-cultured courtship on you until, as a result, certain death.
Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone...
by Lgtrebor October 11, 2007
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A name associated with the alpha male of the species. He's usually a pretty quiet person, but know to get the party going when necessary. Women tend to label him a sex god, but he's equally interested in romance as he is in blowing backs out. Don't cross him though! He can be your best friend or your worst enemy!
Tyrone is so masculine! I wish more men were like him.

I need a Tyrone in my life. These other dudes ain't hittin it right!

This party weak as hell! Where Tyrone at?
by Black Ty April 3, 2017
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a white homie that everyone addresses as a black person
Arne: who's that?
Meric: that's my boy Tyrone
Arne: I thought his name was aaron
Meric: no no he is the blackest white kid i know
by Arne Vanbelle January 9, 2023
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Tyrone is a very confident dude and very outgoing. He is insanely attractive and handsome and every girl would be lucky to have him. He is a very caring and loyal person, he would take a bullet for anybody he cares about and he will do anything for them. Tyrone can also be considered as a black boy name. Tyrone is very intelligent inside but on the outside he can be very crazy, playful and funny. He is a very romantic, and sexy person.
You are acting like a Tyrone right now.
#sexy #handsome
by FunnyBunnyHoneyCat75_ May 18, 2018
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