Literally refers to all Caucasian Americans, but is often used to refer to whites who live in the suburbs or to white, rural middle-America. Because urban whites do not live in communities as raciallly homogenous as suburban or rural whites, they are often exempted from the definition of this word.

The movie American Beauty focuses on a quintessential white American home.
In a surprising turn of events, a number of elements from hip-hop culture have infiltrated white America.
by Funkdubious January 28, 2004
The Belief, in which all Americans are White & that is the way it 'Should be.'
Eminem - White America
by BereftLiberty March 1, 2012
number 2 of The Eminem Show cd it means the tragity that happened at colombine highschool could happen anywhere and could happen by anyone this also means that the U.S.A should be all white as in "White America" and that there should only be white people that live here
some of the most racist people decleared this since the July 4,1776
by JayKay February 25, 2005
The true direct decendant of the KKK.

The Government tore apart the Klan and the White Knights prevailed.
My great grandfather was a proud member of the Klan. I carry out his legacy as a member of the White Knights of America.
by The_Legacy March 22, 2011
When a racist and xenophobic political leader decries most non-white immigrants who landed in America as a bunch of AIDS carriers, lazy burgers, criminals, rapists, terrorists, or jobs stealers.
President Trump blames disloyal politicians and lawyers, who are defending millions of illegal or undocumented immigrants, because they threaten the lives of hardworking Americans—he wants to make America white again, by making it harder for black and colored peoples to seek a better life in the United States.
by MathPlus January 12, 2018