in a mocking or derisive manner; insulting and critical.
by Anonymous October 2, 2003
Something that belittles or possibly implies evil
Calling someone a nitwit is pejorative.
by Indigo October 3, 2003
A word used to confuse the masses by being used improperly almost all of the time.
Dr Macker said that my essay on the Republican party had a pejorative tone but he gave me a 'B'. I mean, what the fuck? I don't understand that guy, or his lame-assed insults.
by Bwigger May 3, 2006
wanking is pejorative to chicks because we got less juice for them to swallow
by oOOooo October 4, 2003

An insulting or derogatory term for a majority or large group
When polled, the pejority of idiots believe McDonald’s nuggets taste better than styrofoam.

Donald Trump won the election by catering to the pejority.
by The Silent Pejority September 24, 2018
Pejorative: words or a word you use to put people down.
pejorative terms
-Almost every other word out of Katherine Ramos's mouth.
by d95a November 22, 2010