a person or persons of Amerind American ancestry and are of the First Nations. All American Indians were giving full citizenship by the United States of America in the year nineteen-hundred-twenty four the same year Mongolia became a fully recognized sovereign nation by the International members nations of the League of Nations. Authentic Native Americans must be enrolled on or in a federally recognized sovereign First Nation reservation. A card with blood quantum and tribal affiliation are required to be in the possession to receive government assistance and funds to be used for the betterment and the assimilation in total of the American Indian into a citizen of the United States of America
Hey Steve !@
Are you a American Indian ?
Well, yes Frederick I am indeed an American Indian...of blood quantum 24/36 degree American Indian blood type O-
Geez< Do both parents have to be American Indian for you to be considered American Indian?
Yes. Quite so.....
by High Crane December 15, 2011
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When blonde and blue eyed white girls look to see if their great great grand mother was part of some native american tribe. Then they go around saying that they are part native, even though they might not even have enough blood line to get a native blood card. They also never took part in their tribes cultural heritage until they found out they were "1/32" native, then becoming obsessive they search and learn as much as they can. Often natives despise them, as they are fake, wanna be white girls that want to be brown, powerful princesses of the earth. Also, they try to take grant and scholarship money that is allocated to the Native American minority population.
That white girl you know who is privileged and burns sage over her textbooks ever new semester. = American Indian Princess syndrome
by nottawhitegirl February 29, 2012
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There has been much said about men and women and their respective dating strategies. Much of the ‘rules’ about these gender interactions have been debated and discussed for years. When does a person slip out of that ‘potential mate’ category and into the friend-zone?This theory proposes that it is less about time, and more about the dimensions that surround the particular relationship that dictates this.

One must first imagine an American-Indian T.P or tent pole that was first used in the mid-18th century and is still being used today. It can be closed by closing the flap and this flap can be held open to allow for easy entry and exit into the tent. If one were to apply this picture to a relationship between a man and a woman, it will allow for the theory to be understood. The theory says that when the flap is open, the relationship still has potential to turn into a romantic one. However, once this flap is closed and the time has elapsed, the relationship enters the friend-zone as referred to earlier and it remains this way. The potential for any further romantic activity or feelings has diminished.

The reasons for the closing of the flap are specific to the relationship. Examples could be lack of common ground, lack of sexual attraction, an immobile man not ‘making the move’ and a host of others.
Rob: "Oh my shattered nations, i better move fast, cause according to The American-Indian T.P. Flap theory, my flap is closing soon with Shaniqua!"
by <:six_cents:> January 3, 2012
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1. Someone from the country of India. Although from an immensly crowded native country, when given opportunities, blow people's minds.

2. Wealthiest minority in the USA (richer than caucasians)

3. One who dominates in medical sciences, as well as in engineering fields

4. Minority community with highest university education. 60% of them hold a graduate degree..

5. Someone who calls his country SECULAR, although over 90% are hindu

6. People who dominate the cricket fields n puzzles y Americans dont play Cricket..?? Likes football (soccer).. still wonders y its not popular in america...

7. Watches Bollywood , Tollywood movies a lot...

8. tries hard to date a white girl... n fails miserably....
Jessica : Hey where r u from

rahul : I am from India

Jessica : so u guys r called American Indian..??

Rahul : no we r Indian Americans or Asian Indians as per federal census..

American Indians r native Americans

Jessica: Ho.. is it..??

Rahul: yes... by the way would u like to go to Indian restaurant for dinner tonight..??

Jessica : HO.. thats gr8... but I hav to work on research paper... thank u though... sorry....

Rahul (failed again... i wil do some yoga now)....
by Zimbo99 May 28, 2009
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The first people of North America. The word Indian has slid into uncomfortableness because of political correctness, but chill, Indians themselves prefer Indian over Native American. The reason being is that Native American can mean any indigenous inhabitant of the Americas, whereas Indian is used just for the first people of US and Canada. NOT OFFENSIVE.
Use Indian or American Indian (not Indian American) to refer to the first people of US and Canada

Use Native American or Amerindian to refer to the first people of North and South America and Greenland collectively.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx December 21, 2020
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