Despite what some people think, it is a non-derogatory term used to name USA born people in countries like Mexico and Brazil.

Some people could call a foreign tourist (i.e. a french or a german) also "gringo" but it is only because they can't perceive (or don't care about) the obvious difference: language.

Female form: gringa.
Hi gringo!
There are some beautiful gringas in Cancun at springbreak.
by Dan April 12, 2004
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Gringos eat a lot of hamburguers
by mexman February 13, 2004
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gringo comes from the color of the uniforms wore by the u.s. in the Mexican american war. mexican soldiers would chant green-go green-go in the heat of battle it is (green-go) not gringo
the mexicans wanted the gringo to shut up
by sandofoval February 13, 2007
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Los maricones mas grandes de todos, y ke tienen la pinga muy chiquita. The insult hispanic people that don't have a perfect accent in english, but won't evn try to speak other languages because they are so self centered they think they are the best.
#1: mira a esos gringos

#2: ya ves son unos fachas, nadie les obliga cantar el himno nacional en nuestros paises pero nosotros tenmos ke hablar el ingles perfectamente y cantar alante de su bandera.
#3: Putos gringos!!!
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Yes Gringo can be used in a derogative light, but if used properly is not derogative. Gringo means "foreigner", not white person or person from the United States. In reference for the definition please use the American Heritage Dictionary, or the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy.
Ex: Look at that lost Gringo. Ex: Look at that lost foreigner.
by argoman July 30, 2010
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when a light is red and you want it to turn green.
Man, I got to take a piss and the light's red... grin-go!
by CL211 April 06, 2008
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a word meaning white person used by mexicans or latinos.
White guy: look at those stupid beaners. they are so lazy.

Latino: look at those damn gringos esse. they suck. Putos.
by Pookie D. Shizznit March 28, 2006
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