Some born in the country of Argentina
Argentinian is a beautiful country
by Twingol October 21, 2005
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To have your bum waxed a similar way that a Braziaian is a waxed pubic area an Argentinian is a waxed bum.

Typically done prior to medical proceedures in or around the anus (eg piles). Also called an Auggie for short.
Hey Damo, I belive you had an Argentinian recently so they could do your hemmaroids.
by Barry Howell December 20, 2004
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Eating so much barbequed meat and cheese-bread that you write off a hotel room with your farts
Did I ever tell you about the time when I did an Argentinian Popover in Philadelphia?
by No Context Off Menu October 28, 2020
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Getting caught after telling people that you're going to be hiking the Appalachian Trail, but really you're in Argentina having an affair.
SC Gov. Mark Sanford found himself in an Argentinian Clusterfuck, after having told his family, aides and political allies that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, held a press conference to admit that he was actually in Argentina having an affair.
by Sanford2012NOT June 24, 2009
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When your girl is riding facing you, and she is holding your balls, with her dominant hand, between her Index finger and her middle finger while her thumb is stroking your penis in a straight line and in between your two nuts, slowly up and down and all the way back to the rim to just between the balls, all the way through to ejaculation.
While she was riding me, she made sure to give me an argentinian butterfly.
by SexyNic1979 December 11, 2021
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A sexual position discovered in the 18th century. It consists of the male partner laying flat on his back while his female counterpart performs fellatio while rotating counterclockwise around his genitalia. The female partner may be required to maneuver over the male partner's body as she "shuffles." As the female partner moves, she will "meow" like a member of the feline family.
- "Hey baby, how about you give me an Argentinian Shuffle?"

- Zip

- "Meow"
by Argentina0005 September 3, 2011
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