Yes Gringo can be used in a derogative light, but if used properly is not derogative. Gringo means "foreigner", not white person or person from the United States. In reference for the definition please use the American Heritage Dictionary, or the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy.
Ex: Look at that lost Gringo. Ex: Look at that lost foreigner.
by argoman July 30, 2010
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Gringo means born in the U.S. Doesnt mean white man like many in the United States think. If someone is born in the U.S. but is of Hipanic parents then he is a gringo.
by Gabriel August 07, 2003
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A non Hispanic person usually Anglo/white.

The word GRINGO is not from the Mexican Army calling US soldiers GREEN COATS. The US Army did not start wearing green uniforms until after 1900.
Green Coats are not American soldiers as most believe. The term Gringo was said to originate when American soldiers in Mexico would sing a song which the lyrics heard was GRINGO.
by d0c1 May 19, 2010
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The word "gringo" may have come from the Mexicans hearing the Anglo invaders into Texas singing "Green Grow the Rushes, Oh" around their campfires ad nauseum. Whether the word is derogatory or not seems to depend on how close you are to or how far north you are of the Mexican-American border. "Gringo" is not as neutral in El Paso, Tijuana or East L.A. as it is further south of the border.
by Skeptical Bright March 17, 2012
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An offensive, derogatory term used to single out whites. Most of the time American but can be European. Rarely, if it all, is the term used to refer to a black person (who are normally called morenos), American Indian, Japanese, or any other racial/ethnic group.

It evolved from "Green, Go" to refer to the US soldiers wearing Green Coats during the Mexican-American War. Hispanics of Mexico (who are really just mestizos - Half Spanish/Half Amerindian - or confused American Indians) will try to justify using the term at all costs as it has not only a comedic effect but has become very much ingrained in their culture.
Mira a esa tipo, esa gringo. He thinks he's going to send us back to Mexico eh? F%ck Trump. F%ck White America.
by [ProtoType] April 02, 2017
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