The indigenous peoples of the Americas.
I have Cherokee blood, which makes me an Amerindian.
by Gfunk January 18, 2006
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The most progressive development in the name-game of what to call the indigenous folks of what is now America. Also, the corniest sounding name and consequently the most annoying P.C. move yet.
"Did you see the new Indian Casino they built off I-7 yet?"
"It's not an Indian Casino you fool, it's a Native American Casino."
"You're both fools, it's an Amerindian Casino! DUH!"
by denasharash October 9, 2006
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A very respectable penis. It significantly averages over 6 inches--quite large in terms of statistics. Amerindians have one of the largest penises in the world. Countries in Latin America that have the largest penises have a higher presence of Amerindian genes. Countries in Latin America with a higher presence of “white” genes are statistically smaller.
Researcher: The Amerindian penis appears to have a greatly longer length than that of the white man.
by Erica_Monsoon1324 June 3, 2018
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