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caps or fitting worn over ones teeth, either on top, bottom, or both. To be mostly made out of gold, silver, diamond, or platinum.
by Lil Devil December 06, 2005
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Gold, silver, diamond, platinum caps fitted over teeth. Usually worn by Black rappers, with the exception of the white/ wigger rapper Paul Wall. Conspicuous spending, meant to show that he/she is so wealthy, he/she can afford to put 'grillz' in their mouth.
Ghetto person: omgz his grillz are so gangsta.
by Ghettopeoplearestupid December 31, 2005
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expensive metal add-ons for your mouth.

a sign of wealth.
"i wanna see your grillz"
"you wanna see my what?!?"
"...your braces. perv."
by ortegawn February 14, 2009
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Gold or platinum diamond encrusted junk moon crickets put on their teefus. A guarantee that a person has more money than brains.
Nelly putted some grillz on his teefus, then proceeded to ruin them with a bucket of extra crispy.
by John Heinz Kerry February 24, 2006
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Putting gold caps on your teeth and begging to get your jaw broken by a crackhead. Make your teeth look nasty and a waste of money. Eating ruins them and can't look good on anybody. Unless you do something really creative with them, nobody wants to see. Go pay ur rent instead.
Dumbass: Yaaawwww! Lookit mah grillz!!!

Crackhead: sdnvoieufnrlviaurehjgklrnbkhgz.kjgheil!!

<Crackhead breaks guy's jaw and takes his grillz to buy crack and a cardboard box to sleep in>

Dumbass (now without teeth): Mmmmffphfmmfmmmmffffff!!
by scratchmaster101 April 27, 2011
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