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Paul Wall is a caucasian rapper from the 5900 block of Southlea in Houston, Texas. A virtual renaissance man, Wall's myriad of assorted skills and talents include dentistry, "screwing and chopping" popular hip-hop music, actually believing that he is one black-ass muthafucka, and bestowing others with his ornate, yet subtle, dentistry.

Plus, he's sittin' sideways.
1) Yo, that nigga Paul Wall is a fly ass rapper wit some ghetto nigga-ass teef.

2) Paul Wall has to honestly think he's black, or he is THE biggest wigger of all time.
by KIYB July 11, 2005
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When you're getting head, have her smile at you, then cum right on her teeth. Her cum covered teeth will look like Paul Wall's icy grill.
I took a picture of her when i gave her a nice Paul Wall. I think I'll use it at our wedding.
by AndrePaul September 01, 2008
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Paul Wall and George Foreman both sell grills

One is bling,

the other cooks great food!

"my teeth are mind-blowing
giving everybody chills-
call me George Foreman
'cause I'm selling everybody grills"

by TGG January 20, 2006
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Paul Wall (born Paul Slayton on March 30, 1980) is an American rapper, DJ, and promoter from Houston, Texas. Notable as one of the few successful caucasian Southern rappers, Slayton is affiliated with Swishahouse Records, formerly Swisha Blast Records. Slayton is a graduate of Jersey Village High School and studied mass communications at the University of Houston for three years.

Paul Wall is the owner and proprietor of a jewelry store in Houston specialising in the production of iced-out grills, cosmetic dental apparati featuring silver, gold, or platinum caps with diamond inlays (usually princess-cut diamonds). He is also a car enthusiast and is known for his brightly colored lowrider convertibles. He calls himself the "undisputed king of the parking lot".

After he made it big in the jewelry industry he decided to become a rapper. He teamed up with fellow rap artist Michael Jones to form swisha blast records later Swisha House and become one of the few sucessful caucasian rap artists.
Edward:Paul Wall is a fine jeweler.

Rupert:Indeed he is.

Reginald:God save the queen!!!!!
by Ron Cassinger December 18, 2005
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a white man who is racially and ethnically confused
paul wall is not sure if hes white or are millions of kids in the US
by tha truth teller May 30, 2006
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A talentless white Southern rapper with so much metal in his mouth he can't rhyme or flow. Basically the white version of Mike Jones. Paul Wall is somewhere between Bubba Sparxxx and Rodney Dangerfield as far as white MCs go. He sucks. I'm not hating on his money or success, I'm just saying, get this talentless piece of wigger shit off my TV. He's got nothing to say, hes got no beats. Paul, go have a foursome with Eminem, Mike Jones, and Vanilla Ice. Then shoot yourselves.
Paul Wall needs to stop. Now. What else can I say?
by Common Sense7 October 03, 2005
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Paul Wall is easily the greatest and most controversial rapper of our time. Although he is criticized by some, he is, and will always remain, the People's Champion.
by Sandude18 October 10, 2005
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