Modern day dentures for the young folk. After getting braces removed, they are often given removable retainers to wear either on the roof of their mouth, the bottom of their mouth, or both. These retainers must be washed in denture cleaner. And they must be removed prior to eating. Plus, they are shaped to match the roof and teeth of the wearer, giving the look of dentures.
"Oh my god! Jenny you look like an old lady when you pull those dentures out. It's even shaped like your mouth!"
"Shut up! It's just my retainer."
by Abby Vert May 04, 2006
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The act of being so drunk that you remove your teeth.
Of course it does. You got right fuckin' dentured last night, eh?
by TrickticklerD August 08, 2011
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someone who thinks they are too cool for school, so they can jerk you around, but really they are low quality
by whatsupbrotha85 February 23, 2005
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Start-up and later stage funding provided to companies with potential for great gain or risk is typically referred to as venture capitalism. 'Denture Capitalism' captures the fact that venture capitalism is typically funded by elderly plutocrats.
'Sources report that Denture Capitalism kingpin Warren Buffett's interest in Mr. Vokonvov's innovative search engine has helped attract ample funding to the start-up.'
by Mo Dixley July 30, 2012
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a nasty ass place where nasty ass dentures are made and repaired. People who work in these labs have cracked skin on their hands, and damaged lungs from breathing in dry plaster, stone and acrylic dust.
Tab works in a denture lab and will probably end up developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. (C.O.P.D)from breathing in all the dust used in the process of this job. Tab tells some stomach turning stories about some of the dirty, smelly dentures that come in for repairs.
by Smelly denture June 17, 2008
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When a particularly elderly woman pops out her dentures and gives you a blowjob.
Bennet: Yo Coop Charlies mom gave me the best no denture adventure ever last night

Coop: Oooh shit son!
by Lan-c3r June 10, 2014
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The act of getting a blowjob from an old lady while almost passing out from altitude sickness. Extra points for squeezing out a dookie during head.
I picked up your grandmother on the ski slopes last night and she didn't just give me head, she gave me the Denver Dentures.
by Grandma's Teeth November 15, 2008
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