You have something (gun, knife, weapon, etc...) in a bag to defend your self with
*man is suspiciously following a woman*
woman: you know I CARRY RIGHT?
*man slowly walks in the opposite direction*
by matty05 March 8, 2020
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When you are so good at a video game (Team games like Halo, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, etc.) that you get way more kills than anyone on your team and end it with a win.

You are basically carrying the team's weight on your back.
Noobs on Your Team: YAY! we won!

You: Yeah because I Carry random BKs like you!
by fries with that November 7, 2009
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I can believe I actually said uncool
As per "Dirty Dancing" upon meeting a gorgeous man for the first time and the first thing you say to him is "i carried a watermelon"
by caroline mcc July 14, 2006
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From Jennifer Grey's character, Baby in Dirty Dancing when she was talking to Patrick Swayze's character, Johnny and holding a watermelon. Used when you're talking to someone you like and say something completely embarrassing.
Crush: Hey, what's going on?
You (holding watermelon): I carried a watermelon!
by droppingeaves July 23, 2005
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From 'Dirty Dancing', 'I carried a watermelon' is when an innocent looking cute girl has slept with so many guys at the hotel, the only thing that is going to satisfy her at the party is a giant watermelon.

'I carried a watermelon' is a polite way for upper class girls to say they have fucked everyone in the hotel, school and university, and now only a watermelon can satisfy them sexually. See Annabel Chong or Scarlett O'Hara.
Baby walks into the busy party, meets a cute guy.

BABY: (looking down and shy) I carried a watermelon.
JOHNY: I know baby your a slut!
PENNY: Don't do it Johny! Don't fuck that rich bitch! She's not only carrying a watermelon, but she's probably carrying AIDS!
JOHNY: Don't be a jealous skank Penny, and you know that's not polite to speak to the hotel patrons like that. Instead of saying she has AIDS, next time use the rich bitch term and say she has a House in Virginia!

Penny shits on the ground in front of the packed party and walks out in disgust!
by The Moody Poet August 28, 2006
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When a woman is having a particularly heavy menstrual flow.
Mindy: "Why are you so grumpy today?" Diane: "I got Carrie all up in my ass!"
by Debnhim October 28, 2018
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