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the Down's Syndromed, public-school-dropout morons who put definitions on urbandictionary and flaunt their stupidity by:

(1) misspelling or misabbreviating a word;
(2) using the wrong word ("there" instead of "their"); or
(3) having no fucking idea how to use an apostrophe.
Hey Allison, don't you hate it when those urbtards type "gr8" instead of "great"? How much fucking work is it to type 2 extra letters?
by John Heinz Kerry November 10, 2004

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This is actually an acronym for the phrase "dick with eyebrows," you dummmies. You are calling someone a walking penis.
You are all dweebs because you did not know the origins of the word you thought you were defining.
See urbtards.
by John Heinz Kerry November 10, 2004

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Death by lethal injection. Texas's solution to population control.
They finally gave Spookie-tookie the anti-crime vaccine last week. Yeeeaaahhh boooyyeeee!
by John Heinz Kerry December 19, 2005

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Rhymes with "spookie," a man who killed four people over about $100 in cash & then got scared & found "redemption" when he learned he was going to get the anti-crime vaccine. Complete coward.
Tookie should've been put to death about 3 weeks after he killed those four innocent people, instead of the Cullyforneean government waiting 25 years to finally pull the trigger.
by John Heinz Kerry December 19, 2005

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Gold or platinum diamond encrusted junk moon crickets put on their teefus. A guarantee that a person has more money than brains.
Nelly putted some grillz on his teefus, then proceeded to ruin them with a bucket of extra crispy.
by John Heinz Kerry February 24, 2006

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A person who drops all sense of public decency, consideration, and politeness, or pretends that nothing else is going on around him, because he is stuck in his own little world listening to his digital music player.
Ted Kennedy (with his enormous head) was annoyed at the iCock who stood in front of the door of the bus and would not let Ted by because he was listening to the Black Eyed Penises. The iCock would be sorry if Ted was driving the bus and they passed a lake.
by John Heinz Kerry October 06, 2005

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A disease, exclusively afflicting those of the slanty-eyed persuasion, that prevents them from using the plural form of any word.

Speaking as if there is only one of everything in the world.
The chow mein contain mushroom, onion, bean sprout, bamboo shoot, carrot, and noodle.
by John Heinz Kerry March 07, 2005

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