22 definitions by John Heinz Kerry

(1) Big, fat, greasy, bloated, 12-sandwich-eatin', gelatin-assed slob that had a bullet do what cholesterol would have done a few months later anyway.

(2) Tupac's failed body armor.

(3) Poetic justice - killed by the gansta rappers he tried to glorify with his shitty music.
Here, Biggie, have your fifth Big Mac while I go and see who is about to give us a drive-by.
by John Heinz Kerry January 18, 2005
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Rhymes with "spookie," a man who killed four people over about $100 in cash & then got scared & found "redemption" when he learned he was going to get the anti-crime vaccine. Complete coward.
Tookie should've been put to death about 3 weeks after he killed those four innocent people, instead of the Cullyforneean government waiting 25 years to finally pull the trigger.
by John Heinz Kerry December 19, 2005
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(1) To feed worms with a dirt nap that began around 12:30 am December 13, 2005. Shot in the arm by the anti-crime vaccine. Hooray for the needle.

(2) To show cawardice by founding one of the most despicable and hateful organizations in the history of mankind; fearing death because of your murder conviction; showing no remorse for killing four innocent people; and then writing children's books because you fear retribution for your crimes.
I hope they soon go Tookie on Scott Peterson, instead of letting him sit around for 30 years and find a reason we should feel sorry for killing him.
by John Heinz Kerry December 29, 2005
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Makeup put on by a guy taking his first steps toward becoming a tranny.
Only the most FLAAAAAAAAAAMING homosexual would wear guyliner.
by John Heinz Kerry November 19, 2005
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the sound a turd makes when it hits the water of the crapper.
Bob went for the courtesy flush after hearing the sporch, in order to avoid having to take the walk of shame.
by John Heinz Kerry November 12, 2004
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A vehicle created by a beaner as a use for cash that should probably go to pay his huge child support debt. Usually involves taking some 1970's-era piece of shit and putting about $50,000 worth of hydraulics, custom paint, and wheels into it.
Check out Manuel's Monte Carlo - ai buey, what a cool lowrider, esay.
by John Heinz Kerry November 2, 2004
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The best way to tell when an Arab has reached the age where he can control his bowels. He takes the diaper off his ass and sticks it on his head.
I think Aknad is wearing the new Pampers turban today.
by John Heinz Kerry April 13, 2005
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