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"To search" - Derives from the standard Unix search utility of the same name.
Please grep the movie listings to see what time the movie starts.
by Bri March 09, 2004
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Grep is a UNIX/LINUX utility that searches the named input FILE/s for lines containing a match to the
given PATTERN.
dmesg | grep -i 'usb'

here the dmesg command is piped through grep to extract any patterned data matching 'usb'. The -i switch is used to tell grep to ignore the case of the letters 'usb'.
by inspire_d March 03, 2004
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To find a pattern in a given input.

grep "pattern" FILE


"I grep'd your product's manual, but found nothing about 'what to do if product is on fire'."
by Josh January 17, 2003
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A small amount of deformation. typically a failed Photoshop of an individual that bulges the face.
Look at this Grep of blank it's really funny looking
by GrepMaker August 14, 2017
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