When someone is trying to hard to be funny/ tell a funny joke or try to make people laugh by saying something that can be considered as a slang word.
"What's up funky monkey"

-"yeah, you broke it".
"What's goin in hotshot"
-"you broke it man"
by Austcharbono November 14, 2015
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Something you might say when there is no rational explanation or excuse for someone's bad behaviour. Comes from the statment yelled by a gunman who on December 8, 2004, attacked members of a band named Damageplan and its fans. Two of the members of Damageplan had previously been members of the band Pantera.
Dad: Why didn't you do your chores?
Son: You broke up Pantera!
Dad: !?
by Big Steve December 9, 2004
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when someone hurts you so badly that you just want to curl up and cry. not physically hurting you; mentally. when love goes wrong is when you break your heart. you feel like you'll never find someone else like that person again.
her:i love you so much.
him: im sorry..but i think we should just be friends.
her: you broke my heart...
by lovelovelove. December 22, 2009
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When you break something in a store, then they make you pay for it.
I got a bill from the store after I accidentally drove through the front door! The letter said you broke it, you bought it.
by yes juanito yes November 25, 2016
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When you go to bed past your bedtime enough days in a row that no amount of coffee can bring you pass the point of zombie.
“Man, you look like you broke the coffee pot.” “Yeah, I haven’t slept more than three hours a night working on this damn project.”
by Coffee Lover June 3, 2009
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So boring you caused someone to commit suicide
Yo kim you broke my neck man. Woah that was so boring you almost broke my neck man. Don't break anyone's neck out there.
by 50shadesofmeowgray February 5, 2014
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A quote from a video on the internet in which two girls start a fist fight over an argument on MySpace. They fall into a small tree in front of someone's house and the owner proceeds to yell "you broke my tree, bitch" It has been used on the internet as to be said by a 3rd person while 2 people are fighting about something nonsensical.
Person 1: Why did you delete me on MySpace?
Person 2: I hate you
Person 3: You broke my tree, bitch
by joey schneider August 8, 2007
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