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31 definitions by Bri

Stands for "The Blue Feather." A trademarked that is used on books (TBF Publishings), videos (TBF Productions), and an AIM name (TBF Bri 2K5). This is not allowed to be used on anything, since it is trademarked.
At the end of the movie, we saw that it was made by TBF Productions.
by Bri March 28, 2005
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manged monkey it is a clean shaved pussy
damn that girls got a manged monkey
by Bri December 30, 2005
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a trio of unwordly proportions. spawned from montreal, canada, this threesome makes more infectious synth pop than you could ever hope to.
After seeing The Unicorns live, i knew my life was then complete.
by Bri June 23, 2004
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Used to describe something "cool".
by Bri February 18, 2005
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Giving your girl a little "hairstyling help" at the of a "romantic encounter"
Every morning, Jim and John would give Kathy and Amy fresh new spermanents.
by Bri May 15, 2003
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His cheed won't fit in his pants because it is too long, so instead he tied it in a bow.
by Bri January 31, 2003
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A person, usually a republican male, with a developmental disorder that hampers his ability to locate the clitoris on a female sex partner.
Laura was a real crabby bitch because her husband George was such a clittard.
by Bri May 15, 2003
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