30 definitions by Bri

manged monkey it is a clean shaved pussy
damn that girls got a manged monkey
by Bri December 29, 2004
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The hottest guy around who is always there and u would beable to spot him out of a huge crowd because he is soo hot!!!
Damn Alex your hot!
by Bri March 09, 2004
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jelly bracelets r tight!! i dont c wut the prob is. if kids wanta b whores let em.. i mean most of us arent gunna do that stuff cuz sumone broke ou bracelet! how lame! imma skater/punk i wear black n blue ..... i juz wear em cuz they r cool not to fuck. if u wear them juz to fuck ur desperate!!
a guy breaks my bracelet ... we joke about it n its over! adults get a life!!!!!!!!
by Bri May 28, 2004
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To have sex with

See also: caution tape, homicide, 187, chalk outline
Guy: So how'd things go with Susie?
You: Killed her man.
by Bri December 16, 2004
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"To search" - Derives from the standard Unix search utility of the same name.
Please grep the movie listings to see what time the movie starts.
by Bri March 09, 2004
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Firebush!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually red heads have a fb.
Bridget has a fb.
by Bri January 17, 2004
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