When you become pregnant with a man named Greg, especially those with the last name of Universe.
Greg: Sigh... I can't believe I just fucked a space rock...
Rose: Great news, I'm gregnant!
by citrusui November 30, 2016
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When Greg gets you pregnant
“Did you see Sarah? Looks like she’s gregnant.”

What does gregnant mean?”

“She’s having Greg’s baby”
by Gibgab October 17, 2017
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Kev went down to the family reunion and got them all gregnant.
by Eggnard June 8, 2019
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When a man named Greg gets you pregnant
Alice: this is my husband Greg
Greg: *waves*

Alice: and we have some news!
Sophia: what is it??!
Sophia: that's great! How far along are you!??
Alice: I'm a couple months gregnant, so I've got a few crav-
Sophia: did you say gregnant?
Alice: yeah, why?
Sophia: it's pregnant, dipshit
Alice: no, I'm pretty sure it's gregnant
Sophia: how? And where did you learn this?
Alice: I'm pregnant and my husbands name is Greg, so I'm gregant! And I learned it on urbandictionary.com you uncultured swine
Sophia: ah ok
Alice: *licks Sophia's nussy*
Sophia: never do that again
by Greg2.0 March 12, 2021
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When a person eats to many pies and cakes from the most common UK pastry shop gregs.
I eat pies every day from gregs! I have a stomach I am unhappy with but I still stuff my fat mouth with gregs food..

I am Gregnant
by Lee True August 21, 2010
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When your mental stability and intelligence have plunged below rock bottom; when the amount of brain cells held is in the negatives.
"Dude, what's wrong with you? Why are you trying to eat only using a knife?'

by Scab_Picker May 19, 2019
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